Tuesday, November 15

Mother Nature

Well, we had no snow at all yesterday and today we have this.
Yah, looks pretty if you live elsewhere. Bummer.
Living outside of the city, I didn't travel anywhere this morning. Just worked from home checking my email and other computer stuff I could do. Apparently was 30 cm or so of snow. I believe it, it took me awhile shovelling off the deck. Curly dog had a blast bouncing through the snow; was a total joy to watch him. Poor dh, the snowblower had a belt come off or something and conked out halfway thru the driveway but I think enough is done that we can get out of it tomorrow. I think I'll hitch a ride with him to the highway and catch the Selkirk bus into the city. At least tomorrow. k, enough of that

I did also work off and on all day on the felted bag from FCEC. Got 23 rows of the single crochet done..it better turn out good after the foot-and-wrist swift thing, LOL

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!