Thursday, January 12

Short update

Well, 2006 has arrived. Had a great New Year's eve at a friend's house in her hot tub and playing Skip Bo. We even brought Curly with us to play with Jersey all night, so that was a riot, since he's usually terrified of car rides. He was "perfect" on this trip, probably cause we were both in the car, not sure. Him and Jersey both had "play hangovers" the next day and didn't really wake up til the next evening - it was so cute to watch.

I've been having angst since work began again on Jan 3 as to what my next projects in knit and crochet...I mean Crochet (first), Knit (second). Will update with details on the weekend now that I've finally decided and the yarn and patterns "spoke" to me, LOL

All the upstairs rooms in our house are being painted, in bolder colors so the house is feeling so much cozier, I'm lovin it. Will love it more when the mess is done though, haha.

Here's a small project I did over the break. I received a gift certificate to Michaels, so this yarn is one of the purchases. Love the color.


That's my few words for now. I seem to be wiped right out after work every day so have been lax on the posting. Bear with me, k?

Happy 2006 everyone

pattern from Premier issue of WSD Easy Knit and Crochet Ideas
#46/page 94 - One Skein Zig Zag Scarf
Yarn: Patons Melody-Magenta color