Tuesday, December 20

Wooooo, now I'm cookin!!!!


Yay for me - now THAT is my kind of cooking. Crochet gently for hours upon end, do not stir, ready when done! LOL
My dear friend Kellygirl from Ottawa sent this to me with Christmas prezzies and gave me "written instructions" that I didn't have to wait til Xmas to open these ones! How cool is that? She did a trip to New York City awhile back, scouted out Joann's stores there and lookie what I got. My Rainbow Boucle I was coveting from everyone who is in the States (there's no Joanns here and they don't ship to Canada). My thanks to all of you Crochetville and blogger friends who generously offered to get me some and ship it here, I thought that was so kind of you to offer and I'm glad I didn't have to put you to the trouble. Desperate measures though, I would have, haha.

Now for the pattern selection...hmmmmmm, this stuff is sooooo soft. I know what I'll be crocheting with on Christmas break!! Thank you Kelly!! hugs....
p.s. when I opened it Curly thought it was for him and was trying to bite it and steal it from me, LOL