Wednesday, December 14

another Kellybag


Pic of my new kelly bag from my own made up pattern. I haven't written the pattern up specifically as it's so similar to so many others, such Dawn's "Well Travelled bag" My Lopi Iceland was quite bulky wool, so the bag is mostly from hdc stitches. I did some decreasing as I got closer to the top. Also crocheted a few matching "dots" to add to the design. I made a smaller bag to fit inside it for keys, parking pass etc so I can find them quickly. 9.00 mm hook was used. I was hoping for the height to shrink a bit, but it's also nice this way because things can't fall out of it. I-cord handles made on a SuperKnitter giant spool which works great. A 9' cord felts to 6' so the handles are perfect for this tote. Happy with this success., and was a joy to create.