Tuesday, January 17

Happy Me

Well, this is a wonderful week at chez me!
A package arrived in the mail for me from the wonderful Deneen. She is so cool, such an upbeat look forward kinda thinking, ALWAYS, even when she has gone through weeks of being so sick. Thank you thank you Deneen for giving me the gift of your friendship and these WOOOOHOOOO prezzies. I love it all.
She sent me her extra copy of the Crochet2006 calendar. I got to leaf thru it all and see all the Crochetville crocheter's designs they submitted and had published. I loved seeing everyone's names in there. I will definitely be ordered one of these next year from the US. No one in the Winnipeg stores stocked any at all. grr.
She also sent me an absolutely stunning bracelet which Jackie from Crochetville makes. What beautiful detailed work she does. I am a bracelet freak, so will be saving this for special occasions.
And, the coveted LionBrand Cottonease which I've never seen before or felt up. Why on earth did they EVER discontinue such a nice yarn. It's 50% cotton 50% acrylic and soooo soft. LB must just not make enough $margin$ on it is the only thing I can think of.
Much appreciated Deneen - all these beautiful things. I'm definitely on a crocheter's high today thanks to you.