Wednesday, February 15

thoughts and projects

Inventive title eh? LOL

I've been braindead on blogging any words lately - I get like that. I hope you all stick around though.

I've been busily crocheting, mostly on weekends, a LOT on weekends. I was bragging today about being able to "wear" my therapy when someone commented on my shawl I was wearing, LOL

A few weeks ago, I made one of Donna's "Comfort Packs", and also made a "Soothing Rice Roll". I've yet to organize my sewing area and sew the inner bags and go 'flax seed' shopping. mental note: get a few lavendar plants in the garden this summer.

The Comfort pack pattern was relaxing and easy to crochet. I made it with the beloved CottonEase that Deneen parted with so I could experience Cotton ease. Thank you again Deneen. The pattern can be found here
Yarn Used: approx 1/2 skein orange, 1/4 skein Pistachio
Hook: 4.25mm
comfort bag + neck wrap

The Soothing Rice Roll pattern is from the Big Book of Crochet (page 159). I treated myself to this book awhile ago. Lots of good patterns in it and a nice variation. Again I used Cotton Ease, pistachio color, approx 3/4 skein. Arg, didn't write down which hook I used. I'm trying to make sure and write down all the details when I'm working on a project. Always think I'll remember, but yah, rarely do.

It was MINUS 39 here this morning!!!!!! Ow, that was cold in the wind. Very hard to get used to that kind of cold.

I've been busy trying to get my new Pocket PC all set up. Wireless anywhere, it's been pretty cool being able to do email or read on the net while I'm on a coffee break. Work is wireless for the whole block so it's very handy there. I also downloaded a few of the Knitting podcasts so I'm going to give them a listen to on it as well.

I didn't join the Crochet Olympics as I just couldn't come up with something I wanted to make, now, that would challenge me and yet make me want to stick with it in the times during the week when I'm too beat from work to sit and hook. I'm reading all your blogs and Crochetville and keeping up with all your fun and successes though.

I made a button for my snuggle blankies project ----> over there somewhere on the right side of the page. Have more blankies made, just have to sort and count them up. I find it easy pushing myself on getting the snuggle blankies made.

Well, that's the thoughts for the day. Back soon, and thanks for reading. I love reading your comments too.