Thursday, March 16

Hookin away

Yay, finally was able to pick up the new StitchnBitch crochet book. I'm very happy with all the different patterns in it.
I started making the lacylady fingerless gloves last night. I have a few skeins of Emu superwash wool that I had picked up at Ram Wools quite awhile ago, and think it's perfect for using in this pattern since it calls for some sock yarn. This is DK, and so far so good.

Here's a pic of my other felted hobo bag, this one I made for me.
Before: Lopi-hobo-bag and After: lopi-after
The colors are gorgeous.

VERSION 2, made for me
Yarn: Alafoss Lopi 100g per skein/109 yards
Hook: 6.5mm

Bag part 23” wide (17” after)
Bag part to handle 21” high (17” after)
Handle/strap part 23” long (23” after)

Alas, the yarn I used on the top part of black ended up being Superwash so no felting of it. I think I’ll be able to fix this part by crocheting over it with some Patons Classic wool.
The bag is gorgeous and stays on my shoulder and I can fit little or lots in it, and the contents stay put. Perfect for throwing in the essentials, even a book or two.

The temps dropped in Winnipeg this week but the sunshine and blue skies are making up for it. It's absolutely beautiful in the morning when there's no wind and it's so bright out, just lifts the spirit to start the day!! Hope everyone's day is going great, and a special hi and get better soon Deneen!