Tuesday, May 9

Some crochet

Well it certainly didn't take me as long as I thought it would but I have all the individual pieces together for my little Vogue scarf. Took me forever to find colors that I wanted, in all the same yarn, for it but I found it at Lewiscraft store here when they were closing out. It's made out of "Cotton Sensation" which is really a great quality #3 thread and was wonderful to work with. I used 2.75mm Boye hook....I LOVE my "boyes". &heart
So now I just have to put all the pieces together,...I think I'll get all the pieces lined up in their little rows and bring it to work for coffee breaks and that way I won't get bored silly assembling it.

I also made a couple modified one skein scarves from the Happy Hooker crochet book. Here's one I used some stash sock yarn for.
I also crocheted a couple flowers and used them at each end of the scarf and it fancied it up a little bit. Great pattern.

I want to make the Sweet Pea Shawl from the same book as well. I have some of the Joann's Rainbow Boucle in stash that I'm going to use for it. Wish I had a nice pink for it, but I may use the burgandy line of it, or else the olive/green would look great I think.

I started a spring course at University, Introduction to Statistical Analysis. It's going great so far, but a lot of my crocheting time is being split in two for some homework time. I'll get too stressed if I let myself get behind though. Exercise for the brain keeps the cobwebs away doesn't it?