Thursday, March 8

knit knit read read

The title about sums it up what I've been doing lately. Just wanna get winter over with and need another long weekend.
I did have/go through/celebrate? another birthday, gah. Actually it was nice, I got some nice SWS wool in denim and other fiber supplies from a friend; my stitch 'n bitch friend made me the cutest little ditty bag; and hubby bought me Jil Eaton's new book, "Top Dog Knits". I love the patterns in this book, it will challenge my knitting skills and I can make more sweaters/covers for the shelter doggies. In the past few weeks I've made 4 little doggy sweaters that are so cute.
I'm loving making this little coats; now I have two doggy knitting books and also researched out a ton of crochet doggy patterns.