Thursday, October 19

CPAD and other stuff

Well I finished up another pair of legwarmers. Made out of Solo yarn with Size 15 needles, Denise set of course. I wanted them bulky and warm and they turned out good. For my friend's daughter.

Yay, very exciting news. First read about it on Deneen's blog - she received her Crochet Pattern-a-Day 2007 Calendar from the publisher, and lo behold they had accepted the pattern I had sent in to them!! I received a copy in the mail from the publisher this week, it was SO exciting to get. Another great set of patterns galore in here again too. There are quite a few projects I want to make. I need more spare time, haha. What is also so much fun is going through the calendar and seeing all the people's names I know from their blogs that I read.


I've got a Stitch'n'Bitch lunch today so I'm hoping I can finish up my SWS legwarmers I'm making. They're so close to being done, and I need them to keep my ankles warm since it's getting cold so much of the time here now.

A guy at work gave me a copy of "The Black Dahlia" by James Ellroy so I'm reading that now, in addition to 3 other books. Such a balancing act of reading I have, but I'm reading "System of the World" in bed, another true crime book downstairs, a spy book on the couch, and another one at breaks at work. Does anybody else have several books on the go like I do?

Have a great week everyone!