Monday, August 21

back in gear

Hi everyone

Well, my studying is finally complete for the spring/summer course I took in Statistics. I gained a whole lot of knowledge and tons of confidence that I actually could study again, re-learn how to be a student and get the most out of the teaching. In math type courses the only thing is to work work work on the problems and keep doin it.

I almost finished up my vacation time, got a few more days this and next week. I did a ton of knitting, ton of reading, lots of crocheting and oodles of R&R and nap time with my dog. :)

It'll take me awhile now to get all the pics uploaded of projects, FOs and WIPs, but I felt good to finish up a lot of things. Now to get back to blogging :)

I finished and sewed up all the Irish Hiking Wristwarmers, well, 2 sets since I had screwed up on the # of cables, so ended up making 2 sets instead of ripping back, since I'm not confident in frogging knitting yet.

I'll be sharing more soon. If you're still reading, thanks for sticking here and hangin in for more.