Monday, June 12

I'm still here

I'm still here...backed up on almost everything in life it seems, haha.

Hubby planted a H.U.G.E. garden and guess who's watering it every night since it hasn't been raining? It will be so nice eating the fresh garden veggies though, but he really did plant too much. It's hard not to go all crazy when you see how many kinds of seeds are on the shelf, and plants in the nursery. I did manage to find a nice lavendar plant so I can have some lavendar to mix in with flax seed for the neck comfortwarmer bags. I think I'll make one of these bags in a foot slipon kind so when I go to bed with sore footsies I can heat up one of these bags and slip my toesies into it and drift off to sleep. Good idea, yes?

Been doing tons of studying and homework with my stats class. It's wearing me out somewhat but also a nice change of the day to day pace at work as well since summer's not so busy.

I've been doing crochet and knitting mostly on weekends. I'm so proud I figured out the cable stitch pattern in knitting!! I made the Irish Hiking handwarmers.
1st cable wristwarmer
The mistakes were less on the 2nd one. Buttttttttttt, lazy me, when I finished the second one I didn't get my first one to make sure they were the same, and when I had finished it and went in the house, I kid you not, one had 5 cables, the other had 4 cables!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr, nothing like curing the "second" syndrome by having to make another pair with 5 and 4 so now I have two pairs. What a goof. Live and least I have a gift pair made now though.
The pattern is a .pdf file here and I would highly recommend trying it. Now of course I do want to make one of the Irish Hiking scarves.

Bear with my sporadic blog posting and commenting til this Statistics course I'm taking is over, k? Hope everyone is enjoying a gorgeous summer. Winnipeg weather is beautiful so far.