Friday, May 26


Yes, TGIF for sure. Man I need a rest by the time the weekend comes!!

The weather here is beautiful. Hoping to plant a few things in the garden tomorrow, the seeds I bought for now to start - lettuce, romaine, radishes, yellow beans, dill. Still have to buy the plants yet - tomatoes from the garden, mmmm, I'm craving them already. Also I usually buy the basil and some other herbs in plants and then we're eating fresh herbs from now til September.

The statistics class is total brain exercise, I'm actually keeping up and really understanding all the formulas and how it all works. Rather interesting. I had to edit a paper today for a prof on probability and I understood it all. Great feeling, but it's hard on time consumption for me. I'm enjoying it though.

Check out my stitchmarkers I received from Andrea. I love them - they're all so adorable. I have to borrow hubby's camera and get a better shot though, his camera has a macro setting so I can get a better pic of the piggy one. Wow Andrea, girls are so detailed!
stitchmarkers from Andrea
Thank you so much for sending them!!!!

Curly likes them too...he's sending a smile to you here Andrea. :)
curly-earl love therapy