Monday, June 26

Say hello to Eunice

er, I mean say hello to Ewenice

Is she the cutest little yarn companion or what? A gift from my Stich'n'Bitch friend Sally. Thanks bitchin' Sally!! :)

I 'almost' finished knitting a little booksweater on the weekend, probably won't get a chance to finish til Thursday or next weekend. Lots and lots of my time is going to studying and homework in my Statistics class, which is finished in about a month. It's such a fast pace with constantly moving forward and not enough time stayin put, but that's the way it is in a spring course. Lots of work but it's quite gratifying for me since I'm managing to stay caught up.

I also made yet another set of little fingerless gloves:
wristwarmers-IWeave Crochet Fall2005
Made with
Bernat Cotton Tots - very berry color,
4.5mm hook
Fingerless Glovettes, pattern page 10 Interweave Crochet Fall 2005 issue
They were fast and easy fun to make.

Congratulations to Andrea for her crayon blankie in Crochet Me Magazine.

Well, I'm off for some blog reading. Hope everyone is enjoying summer!
Keep a smile on and yarn in your hands.