Monday, August 28


Well, had my last few days of vacation, 3 days + the weekend. Wah, last day today, but I got a relaxing fiber fix over that time. I've uploaded tons of pics of projects and stuff so I'll be posting them over the next bit. It's a lot easier using B's camera than mine so I've not been lazy doing the pics at least, just writing. Always seem to be too tired to sit and knit or crochet at night after work, so I end up just laying on the couch and reading my bloglines on the laptop which is also great. I've made a point in the last few days to "sit up" when I'm reading my bloglines so I can easily type comments on the blogs again too. Even when I think I don't have something interesting to say, at least the blog owner knows she does have readers.

My vaykay days have been SO relaxing. I read a few books, finished up a lot of WIPs, napped and played with Curly, so he loves vackay a lot too.
Yup, he does look relaxed, doesn't he :)


Last Sunday we had a funnel cloud go over the house - man that was scary. B had just gotten his freshly painted truck into the garage, and seconds later the hail started. Then the wind which was so fierce, blowing branches off the trees and against the house and there was a sheet of playwood bouncing around in the driveway!! B was stuck in the garage so after seeing the heavy rain pelting sideways and the wind throwing stuff against the house, me and Curly took off to hide in the basement. Thank goodness it didn't touch down; it was over in minutes so there was a lot of yard cleanup of tree branches and crap blown around. The power went off and we ended up without electricity (or air conditioning) for about 15 hours. Yah, pissed me off cause I missed Big Brother that night.

Well back to work tomorrow, it'll be nuts for a few weeks.

I read Memoirs of a Geisha, A Good Yarn and Christ the Lord (Anne Rice) over the last bit, all were good. I loved the peaceful language used in the Geisha book and found it such calm reading.

So, time for a nap I think and then figure out my next knit or crochet project. I finished a baby blankie for a friend's sister this morning. Have a great story and pics of that later.