Friday, March 9

The fbb lining

I certainly did use the lining tutorial done by CrochetKel - omg, it takes all the pain out of doing a bag lining and looks so professional and beautiful when it's a finished bag. Thanks Kel. I know I'll make more of these bags, the pattern is great.

The snow is melting here somewhat today, F.I.N.A.L.L.Y above zero!!

I've been going to physiotherapy the last few weeks finally as well. I hurt my shoulder a few months ago and it just seemed to get worse and I was in pain every time I used or moved my arm (which is 24-7), so talked with my doc about it and turns out I tore one of the muscles in my rotator cuff. I think the physio and all the exercises that go along with it are starting to kick in; having a good day today anyways.

I started the knitting part of a new doggy sweater this morning; finished the last one and just have to sew the seams up on it so should have a pic by next week.

Nothing much else happening, I just wanted to write a bit and freak out Deneen, hahahaaaa