Tuesday, May 8

still here a.k.a. don't slap me Deneen

Yep, I'm still here..my usual posting hiatus jumped and bit me in the ass again.
Something always seems to screw me up.

I finished up weeks of physiotherapy on my left shoulder, tore a muscle in my rotator cuff. After a few months of pain with it and finally getting to the Doctor, and then physiotherapy, it's a lot better now.

I've been mostly knitting doggy sweaters, and have a bunch to show you. These ones will be donated to the shelter or an organization that raises funds for no-kill animal shelters. I get such a good feeling from knitting or crocheting stuff for the puppies and cats, so I keep at it. Here's a few pics

and 7 more


and I couldn't resist buying the PuppyKnits of Jil Eaton's too, so now I have patterns for the small dogs and the bigger doggies. The patterns in both are awesome.


and a few more made