Monday, October 15

OMG, it's me and I'm finally blogging

Well that was a longer than planned sabattical from blogging. My apologies to any readers I have (and haven't lost by now).

Summer was wonderful here in Manitoba. Gorgeous weather, I even made it to Grand Beach for a few days. Camping, though it was in an air conditioned trailer, was still great, knitting and crocheting outside all day; bonfires and moves and chips and dip at night. Alas, it's fall here now. Beautiful weather right now, for fall that is; hard to believe in a few weeks we'll probably have snow, yech. Yah snow is pretty, but the cold weather and being stuck inside all the time sucks bigtime. And driving the distance to work every day sucks BIGGER time. I try and remember how much we enjoy the country property all summer though, every time I'm driving in the snow crap in the winter.

Anyways, on to some projects I've worked on it the past few months. Knitting mostly and some crocheting.

Little Honey Bear Hat I made from Crochet Today.
It turned out so cute, I gave it to a prof at work for her little 5 year old daughter who's adorable in it. Pardon the waterbottle model in this photo.
honey bear hat

Also made another Fat Bottom Bag, which is such a wonderful pattern. Great pattern to work with and beautiful finished object.
fbb-almost done

I haven't been commenting tons, but I'm almost caught up on my blogreading which is usually done on the weekend now.

I read a post yesterday that described me to a "T". On "Her Blog" - have a read on it. Probably describes the dilemma (sp?) of a lot of us bloggers, who take pics, who are on message boards, and Flickr, and Ravelry, and CAL's, and KAL's....

So we're celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary today. Wow. Almost my whole adult life it seems - and hey, we made it this far so that's something in itself.

I'll be back - happy blogging.