Monday, May 14

less than exciting to most

So,...this post is less that exciting to most of you; but I'm trying to just write on the blog a bit more, even when I don't have pictures to post.
I started another University course this spring, an intensive 6 week course on Basic Calculus. For whatever reason (30 years since high school - gack, makes me feel ancient), I can't make sense of my damn trigonometry anymore, in particular when it's combined with the calculus, so I'm taking the brief calculus course which does not involve any trig. Having that out of the way seems to be helping, and I'm understanding it a lot clearer and able to follow along and work through most of the problems. Hopefully will bring my confidence back, although since I'm mostly taking the course so I prove to myself I can make it through a calculus course, most people don't understand why I'd do it. BUT, I just need to do it for me, so that's good enough as far as I'm concerned. It certainly helps with work too, since I'll feel a bit more at ease holding a technical conversation with the mathematicians I work with.
Anyways, I mostly spent the whole weekend studying and making sure I'm caught up, so that feels good. So for the next couple of weeks I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of that and not getting much reading my novels done, or knitting or crocheting at night or lunch times.

I did some knitting in the mornings while I'm waking up and drinking my morning coffee. It's so beautiful sitting on the deck on the weekend mornings doing that. Just me, my dog and the sounds of nature all around. The yarn and trees are GREEN GREEN GREEN now, so it's awesome.

Haven't had time to catch up on some of my blogreading yet..but it's in the works.