Thursday, July 5

First sock (sorta)

I'm so proud of myself for teaching myself to use DPN's on a first project. The pattern is from Knit.1 magazine Spring 2007. Called SPA SOCKS.

I learned how to do the 3-needle bindoff doing these too. Bravely plunged into the pattern, just figuring I'll follow it row by row and watch the heel, then the gusset appear since I couldn't picture a pattern just turning into a sock! I cast on for the 2nd sock immediately too, cause I knew I'd get second-sock-syndrome if I didn't do it right away.

Anyways, it was a success since it actually does look like a sock, and surprise surprise - it even FITS me!!
Oh, the yarn is called "Sorbetto", made in Italy, 90% cotton.

Weather is great summer weather in Winnipeg. Yikes - my g/f lives in Phoenix and it was 46C above yesterday. Insanity.