Tuesday, July 10

Another doggy sweater - I love the way the color mix turned out. I just used up some part-skeins on the whole thing.

multi color doggy sweater 02

YAY - I got my Ravelry invite today!! I see I've got some photo work of my stash to do, which I wanted to do and organize anyways. Ravelry looks FUN, and has some great ideas in it, not just a regurgitation of blog posts. I've been managing to do some blogreading and computer relaxation in the evenings while the husbandperson is watching mindnumbing TV, LOL.

I've started watching the new BigBrother 8 season too. Yeesh these people seem S.O. immature for their ages. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with watching that much TV (3hours a week), haha

Vaykay in 4 weeks, then I'll have time for more knitting and crocheting my half-done afghan. B finished building the screen gazebo so I know where my ass will be plunked all day for 2 weeks of holidays!! wheeeee