Tuesday, October 16

Sock sock

Ok, well, it's one sock to start with,...don't get me going on that second sock already, k?
I'm attempting a sock with 3mm needles,...yes, they're tiny, and actual sock yarn. It's Kroy sock yarn in a denim color. I think it's going okay so far.
roll top socks-Dawns

The pattern is Dawn's and they're the exact style of socks I wear in the winter. Knee or even calf-length socks drive me crazy uncomfy clining to my pants. Thanks for sharing your pattern Dawn.
I've heard people talk about "turning the heel" being a big deal, I think it, and the short rows are easy. It's the picking up of the gusset stitches and making them look neat that' s the tricky part I think. Any hints for me on that? I'll have to watch that video of picking up stitches again, maybe that'll help.