Monday, October 22

no more ladders now in sock sock

Well I worked on Saturday morning on my little sock project. Yeppers, I'm making an actual sock, with actual sock yarn, and actual DPN's 3.00mm size. It started a bit loosy goosy, but now I've actually (did I use that word yet? haha) eliminated any ladders with my needle changes. I'm quite happy with that. Here's what my sock looks like now
sock sock

and here's a closeup on the stitches now

no ladders

Aren't they beeeeeautiful? Happy me. I'm excited to start the 2nd sock to see if I can eliminate those top ladders and pick up the gusset stitches prettier. Of course if I do make it look better I'll probably want to make a 3rd sock :~

Here's my coffee break knitting project, mostly plain knitting in the round, which of course gives you the beautiful stockinette stitch, but I found I can knit, walk and even hang onto my smoke at the same time, so knitting in the round is a great coffee break project for me. With the yarn choices I did, I'm calling it the cupcake purse. Some little girl will love it I bet. It's cute.

cupcake purse

I also worked on my lace shawl on Sunday and finished the 4th repeat. I'll share that project, my first lace project, in a separate post this week. I'm extremely proud of lace knitting my first time.