Wednesday, October 31

My finished sock

Check out my beautiful sock. I started on the second one right away, and have just finished turning the heel. I read about, and looked at pics on the net again, of the "picking up of the gusset stitches" and found out I had done it wrong. Apparently a lot of people even had made that mistake, and yes, even Grumperina did, so I don't feel so bad. It still turned out okay I think, and I'm proud of it.


I'm wanting to have some delicious sock yarn in those fab colors that so many people use. I love this stuff that Brenda used - look at her beautiful socks; she makes gorgeous ones. And Jenna, who goes to school at my work, quickly became a sock bug. I wonder if I'll become addicted like so many...

I am contemplating ordering a set of the Harmony DPNsfrom KnitPicks; would be nice just to have the sizes I may need. I used plain slippery needles to make these ones and got used to them, though a few times the yarn just ran right off those slippery little buggers, so want to maybe try the Harmony or some bamboo ones to see if it's more comfortable.

geez, look at me,....actually writing something of content - go figure.