Monday, December 17

No SSS here

Behind again in blogging and blogreading - the last few weeks winter has hit here with ick weather and snow and crappy driving so it's taken it's toll on time and energy.
I have been knitting though...
I finished my first man sock and 80% done on the second sock. They're a surprise for the husbandperson for Christmas. My mom had made him some wool socks years ago and he wore them right out but loved them, so he'll finally be impressed with something I've knitted and can enjoy it instead of just a half-assed nod and a "that's nice" when I'm show-offing my stuff.
Aren't they great? I didn't think it would happen to me,...ever, but Jenna warned me that I would become like so many of you, addicted to sock knitting. Damn if she wasn't right! I love it, and feel so accomplished about it too.

I made a little computer mitt, actually 2 of them for my g/f to keep her wrists warm all day. We think she's got some arthritis, but after trying them out, she said the extra warmth makes a huge difference and she has less pain. Of course I'm making her a few different colors to match some different outfits she wears to work.

They're small so don't hinder typing on the keyboard.

Getting ready for the Christmas holidays and my 10 days off from work, relaxing, reading and knitting. Yay