Tuesday, November 30

I got back into crocheting again after a few years of doing other things all because a guy I work with was tripping over some of his wife's un-used wool!! Thanks to him for bringing it in cause I said I could do SOMETHING with it (and save him a broken leg from tripping down the stairs on yarn bags, LOL), when I was looking at the bag of wool the thing that came to mind was ...hey - I can make some blankies for animals in shelters!! I had lost my dog to his old age :( and missed him so much, and right away felt like I could get some smiles back from dogs and cats who could snuggle up to blankies. A month later, one of the rescue places had me in their email and as soon as I saw one of the dogs looking for a home I fell in doggy love immediately. Here's a pic of him "testing" the blankies, LOL - great job this guy has hey!!

So, less than a year later I've made and donated over 220 blankies and doggy sweaters to 3 different shelters in the city. Two of the newspapers even did little stories on my project and got a bunch of wool/yarn donated from people who read the story. Good stuff hey?

Saturday, November 27

I hope to share and inspire other crocheters as much as some of the crochet blogs have inspired me to do a lot of the creations I do. It’ll take me a few days (or weeks) to get a lot of the things and thoughts on here that I want to.

In the meantime, til I get at it, THANK YOU to all you crochet bloggers for giving me some great reads and ideas!!