Saturday, August 27

I have an FO !!!!

I have had this pattern in mind to make for so long, it is from Crochet Fantasy #124 July 1998 magazine. And yes, when I bought the mag I wanted to make it and finally got it started this year. I felt like I could actually commit to making a large thread project. So many times I've started a large project, and given up and called it a doily. Always turned out nice, but I reallllllly wanted this tabletopper. So yay - I finished it today and it turned out perfect for my little decorator table in the kitchen.


and a closeup


I finished reading the Rule of Four book, it was a great novel for academic people, and seeing as I work with academics I think I enjoyed it more than other people might. Great summer reading anyways. I also finished reading the Secret Life of Bees on my vacation. I LOVED the book!! Two times they mention crocheting in it too, which of course I picked up on and gave me a smile. Today I started reading Debbie Macomber's "The Shop on Blossom Street" which I know I'll like a lot. Already do. I know I'm going to want to try the pattern out that she gives in the front of the book. There's also two books they published called "knit along..." which is the patterns mentioned from the books - neat idea. Now of course I need to get myself a copy of "A Good Yarn", the second in the series. I love picking out that next book I want to read while I'm still reading the last few. I have a book that I always and only read at bedtime, usually horror (go figure eh), and have another book for couch reading and bring to work reading at breaks. Always a book downstairs too, usually a short stories or true crime book, something I can pick up and start reading and get into fast.

Well, I hear a chainsaw running outside here, so probably more fallen tree cleanup and I should go help. And damn if one of those trees didn't put a hole right thru the roof a few weeks ago and he just discovered it now cause a shingle was covering it on his first inspection and now the shingle blew away in the last storm and he discovered a 6inch hole in the roof!! Holy crap, lucky that the hole ended up being over the soffit instead of my bedroom. That would have been a helluva mess having to put in a new ceiling after the downpour we had this week.

Have a great day all!!

Tuesday, August 23

vaykay fini

Ah well, all things time takes care of. My peaceful two weeks of vacation are finito and I'm back in the swing of work. After two weeks of not driving around I've totally rediscovered people drive like absolute idiots, haha. I really must get some decent music in my car too, rockin along on the drive makes it so much more pleasureable.

Gas prices - OUCH!!!! Up to 99.9cents a LITRE which is around $4 a gallon for you US readers.

I got a lot crocheted and knitted over the R&R time at home. I swear my favorite time of day is waking up around 8 o'clock, grabbing my coffee and sitting on my deck just listening to the nothingness joy of nature sounds. We live outside the city so there are no traffic sounds either. Total rejuvenation for the blood pressure must have been so steady, LOL.

So here's my Ripple Shawl I finished. I found my "lusted after" LB Microspun!! FINALLY, the Michael's stores here carry it. It's $5.49 a ball. When I bought it I could have sworn the pattern said 3 balls and of course I get home and look at the pattern again and realize it's 6 balls!! Doh. Oh well, it's verrrrry soft and the shawl should be perfect for days when it's too cold in my office. I just love the colors of Microspun too. I sucked my sister into modelling it for me, hehe.

Well I best get some work done here, a "power project" to run through.

Friday, August 19

Tag I'm It

I've been tagged, by the waddling one

id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

yikes,, narrow it down to 5 only, LOL

1. I still "type" things I'm thinking, even when I'm nowhere near a keyboard. When I learned how to type if I wasn't at a typewriter I practiced by typing out my thoughts as if I was at a keyboard. I'm sure, no, I know this is why i can type so fast now.

2. If I make homemade icecream sundaes I have to microwave mine.

3. I'm hooked on crushed/shaved ice. I eat usually two big buckets a night, I CRAVE it.

4. When I start a new book whatever bookmark I start with I have to keep using that one throughout the whole book.

5. Before I can start a new book I have to know what the next book is I'll read. No wonder I have tons of books! I can't stand not having several books on hand that are lined up for me to read.

Friday, August 12

Kristina's "threadie" poodle

Oh man, I am still laughing on how cute dogs can be. Check out Kristina's pictures of her little dog that loves to steal thread. Little fart, he found out sometimes it bites back. Talk about catching something heartwarming on camera. I love it! Aren't her doggies cuties? She does beautiful crochet. Thanks for the smiles Kristina!

Thursday, August 11

Artist's bathroom

Wow, this is really wild looking.
Very original thought...this guy would have a lot of people hurling in his toilet I think. Makes me woozy just to look at the picture!

It's never too late

I've always liked this saying..especially when I was coming to terms with mine.


Christmas Christmas

What a surprise when I went to my mailbox today (after not leaving the house since Sunday!). I figured I should get out and about and do a bit of shopping, but some of that came right to me.

Thank you Jaclim for your happy note and gorgeous Anchor thread from my wish list. I love the bookthong you made for me - those glass beads are stunning. Thank you for thinking of me.


And Vera, my special elf girl. I was literally like a kid whipping through all the special goodies you sent to me. Everything is absolutely wonderful! I am sitting here taking a walk down the streets of Charleston with the walking tour book and postcard you sent me. What a beautiful city for me to walk thru on my vacation today!! I love the crocheted goodies and fridge magnet with the delicate little dolphins. I'm a weenie when it comes to crocheting pineapple pattern so I will treasure the double pineapple bookmark. And the thread in your doily I've admired for a long time when I saw the Autumn doily you had made out of it and showed on your blog. Now I have one!!!! Thank you for everything.


So the clouds are spitting down some rain here today, but it doesn't matter cause I am on Cloud 9 with warm Christmas thoughts surrounding me.

Wednesday, August 10

Deneen meme'd me

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Deneen!

5 Things I Miss from Childhood

If you want to participate the chain-letter part works like this: remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; just check to make sure the links are still attached if you copy n' paste.

1) Kimberli New York
2) Yea, I knit...
3) Yarn Obsession
4) Yarns and Musings
5) Jewels crochet, thoughts and doings

1--cotton candy at the summer fair. It just doesn't taste the same now.

2--going to school and having homework (yah I know, I'm a sickie eh)

3--going to visit my grandma and grandpa in the city (always exciting to do even though it was practically guaranteed I'd get carsick)

4--my mom's homemade fudge

5--Mr. Hill(best friend's dad) taking me and my twin sister with their family when they went hunting for a Christmas tree to chop down. Thinking on it now I'm sure it was an imposition on their family outing but he knew we didn't have a dad and I think it was awful special that he did that for us.

hey - will someone tell me what the heck "meme" means anyways?

Tuesday, August 9

Vay-kay for me!!

Been forever since I posted, or at least it feels that way. The last two weekends were spent helping get the fallen trees off the yard. B did all the chainsawing (I need my hands, thank you very much!) I think I've seen too many chainsaw horror movies, there's no way I wanted to come within 6ft of that thing, LOL. We've finally got all the trees sawed and piled, given away to people with wood furnaces, etc. Last weekend we had the same kind of storm, thank GOODNESS all the trees stayed vertical. I would have cried if another one fell after the cleanup we just had.

I'm on V.A.C.A.T.I..O...N !!!! Yay. Today's my second day of total R&R. The weather is beautiful so my morning coffee and crochet and dog are spent on the deck!
Today I started AND finished a Marvie neck bag with the LB Lionscape yarn that Fran RAOK'd me with. I love it, turned out just the way I wanted. I wanted it for my MP3 player.

Yesterday I made AND finished two of AJ's dogbone mats. They turned out adorable. I think Curly approves too! :)
Isn't he adorable? The larger one is being doggy-gifted to Jersey, Curly's best doggyfriend.

It feels great being on R&R vacation and being able to start A.N..D finish a project. I may continue working on my other WIP's as well, such as an Incredible Poncho, thread poncho and also an afghan. I should finish the two ponchos since they're summer wear.

I've been reading and catching up on all of your blogs and Crochetville. Forgive me if I'm not leaving comments some days, I am reading though.

Also picked up some summer reading. I lucked in at McNally's and got a copy of "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd, so when it gets too hot during the day I kick back in the AC cool house and read. I'm enjoying the book so far. I also have "The Shop on Blossom Street" just waiting for me too.

I'm off to read for awhile..sigh, I love holidays.