Thursday, April 28

Fairy goddesses DO exist !

OOhhhhh, what a day yesterday! Turned from zero energy and umpfh all day to pumped right up after I opened the mailbox. What a nice surprise in amongst the junk mail and bills - a RAOK envelope from sunny California! I was smiling and thrilled before I even opened it. What a great feeling. It makes me even more excited to get finished on my RAOKs that I have "almost" got ready to send out, knowing that I can pass that thrill on to a few people too.
I received not one, but TWO kinds of Burts Bees lip balm...and immediately slapped some on my lips. It's awesome stuff, I was thinking it would be the same as other 'chapstick' types, but noooooo. It's zingy too. I love it. Also received a crochet pattern I have been dying for, and my fairy goddess made the most beautiful handcrafted card. Thank you thank you for putting some Californian sunshine into a cold bleary Winnipeg Jewels day!


I have a ton of pics and goodies to post over the weekend. My weekend starts tomorrow - wooooo, 3 day long weekend for this girl. First thing is to get my RAOKs together for mailing next week - yay!
My doggy will be sooooo happy to have mommy company for 24 hours a day. :)

Tuesday, April 26

Bloggin dog


Ruff Ruff everyone!! Mommy's tired out from work today so she's horizontal on the couch all night so I took over her blog. I get to peek at Emma on Bron's blog now and Lucy On Hip Hip Crochet's blog.

Mommy will be back soon with stash enhancement pictures and "sheep thrills" I got at the used booksale this week.

Monday, April 25

Dogs and percentages

How is it that a 60 lb. dog thinks he is entitled to 75% of my couch when I am on it and weigh 3 times that much??
Does he not know simple algebra?

note: he appears to know algebra or calculus when he quickly, in the blink of an eye, [or as fast as you can chow down a milkbone], does manage to figure out the shortest distance to travel to retrieve his tennis ball!!

LOL...just a thought

snowflake findings

yeeks, two kind of snowflake findings today, one made me shriek in delight - one made me shriek in horror...

It was so chilly out this morning our rain turned to snow....thankfully not for too long though but hasn't warmed up much at all. I want to be sitting outside crocheting thank you very much!!
However, the good stuff now...I did a trip to the used bookstore at lunch just to get out a bit, and lo and behold, they had a few crochet booklets! Look at my find!!!!!!
Yay, now I may be able to start joining in on Snowflake Mondays! (as long as they're the crocheted variety that is, LOL)

I'm pathetically slow but working on some RAOK's to get mailed in the next week or so.

Have a great Monday all and keep a smile on!

Wednesday, April 20

funny story

hahahaaaa....hubby's out of town on a work stint - so talking with him on the phone and I squealed OMG, I got RAOK'd, RAOK'd again!!
...silence on the phone..he's wondering what bastard out there wants to RAOK his wife when he's gone out of town. remind him about that word and does he remember me screaming that before one day when he picked up the mail?
Good grief..these guys need some serious crochetville tutoring!

Tuesday, April 19

Gifted myself today!

I had a 40% Michael's coupon so I GIFTED myself today, hehe
I had snowflake and bookmark thread patterns on my RAOK wishlist, so raok'd myself with one of them. BELIEVE me, it was a tough decision picking one of them only and not both. Here's what I chose:

I also bought myself a J-6.00mm BOYE hook to play with, I was missing that size, and since I've started using these hooks, I LOVE MY BOY(E)S,...hooks that is. I think I need a button for my blog that says that!! luv my boy(e)s..of course it's only crocheters that would know what it means, but that's all that matters, right? LOL

Have a wonderful rest of Tuesday,...I've got some bookmarks to start, and my next afghan too!

Monday, April 18

A few FO's

I made this afghan for my g/f's doggie
Very pleasant to work on this pattern, shells and more shells. Easy to memorize and just crochet.

Here's a cape type thing (from a Lionbrand pattern) that I made myself with Homespun. It only used 2 skeins so was completely affordable. I think the color is Tudor? I'm going from memory..too lazy to get off the couch, LOL


And another kiddo-ripple afghan/lapghan


I finished most of these projects last weekend. It's time to get another afghan started I think,...the evening shawl pattern needs company, haha

My yard sheepies

Yay, my little yard sheepies made it through the winter. Bad me should have put them into the garage :(, but a little paint and some new ribbon bows will make them brand new again!

Been on the couch for most of the weekend and today again with a bad cold. Damn spring colds, but I'll take it since it's SPRING!! It's beautiful outside today, I did actually sit on the deck while drinking my morning java and crocheted more on the evening shawl pattern.

Wahhhhhh, I haven't had the energy yet to sit with my wonderful little drop-spindle and work with some roving. I will though, I will I will!!

Time to lay down again, read and fall asleep for awhile.

Wednesday, April 13

I've been RAOK'd !!!!!

Well, my day yesterday was made SO SPECIAL!! I was so surprised and excited when I saw RAOK written on the envelope, I ripped it open as fast as a kid at Christmas. My husband thought I was nuts when I was squealing "omg, omg, I can't believe it"...yes, I get excited. I am so touched that a "fairy goddess" has bequeathed me with something so cool. Ok...I'll tell you, was a Drop Spindle Kit with wool and even a picture of Buddy the soft babywool sheep who "wants me to enjoy his wool". I thought that was such a cool addition the maker of the kit did,..especially for an animal lover like me. I will put pics up by the weekend for sure, and brave some spinning!! Silly me, I was so excited last night I couldn't even concentrate enough to write this. What a goof hey..I'm just so not used to getting gifts, and I am so thrilled when another person does something so nice just for me. How cool is that,..

Wednesday, April 6

Spring and ladybugs

Well, I hope it's officially here. I saw a ladybug crawling on the bench I was sitting on for coffee break today!! Weather in Winnipeg in actually, finally, really really really nice!! LOL It is so nice being able to grab my book or crochet and take it outside and sit for a whole hour at lunch without moving and just listening to birds. I heard a robin singing this morning too when I took poochieboy out for his biz before I left for work. LOVE IT!! Looking forward to spending a Saturday on my deck with coffee and crochet all day too.

I finished a doggie-afghan for a large dog on the weekend, will post pics when I d/l them from the camera. Also working on another ripple afghan for a 1 year old. Almost finished the Martha Camp Cupcake poncho as well, 2 more scallop rounds and the collar and I'll be donning it on the bod. I made it out of Bernat Harmony in a silk green color, ...I hope it looks half as good on me as I hope it will.

Here's a pic of the 3rd afghan I ever made. I have no idea what pattern it was, but I do remember being so proud that I taught myself to read a pattern.

More news sometime soon. Gotta catch up on my blog reading and holding the couch down, LOL.