Tuesday, June 28

Two bitches stitching? LOL

LOL,...I mentioned to a prof I work with about my new Stitch 'n Bitch Tuesday lunch sessions that I started with a student - I show her crocheting and she shows me knitting if either of us has questions or comments on the other's attempted handiwork. He got mixed up with what I called it and asked me if Sally was coming by for "Two bitches stitching"...too funny.

Wooooooo, I found $20!!!!! and not in my house or laundry either. So fun stuff, I got four of my RAOK's FINALLY packaged up and in the mail today. Sooooo exciting, now I can't wait for the RAOKees to get their little things.

I've also got some elf packages half ready to send out for Crochetville's "Christmas in July". This is just as fun, putting smiles on someone else's face with little gifts.

Wow, in addition to the baby robins in our yard, just found out two owls mated and had little babies so we have four owls roaming the trees in the back. Seems they're doing some good hunting and have left partially devoured "goodies" in the neighbors yard. I heard and saw one of the babies in the tree at the back last night but didn't feel like getting attacked by mosquitos to see it closer. I'll prepare myself with binoculars at the ready tonite, and will try to get some pics on the weekend too.

Hmmm, what else...I have been knitting and crocheting some dishcloths lately too, they seem to be the easiest thing to tote along back and forth for work lunches and coffee breaks and I don't have to concentrate on what I'm doing when I make them so it's good for brain-dead time at breaks. I always like quiet lone time at my breaks, drives me crazy when someone I don't even know comes up and starts babbling crap I could care less about just because they're bored. Yikes, what a wench I am, LOL. I figure if I want to listen to small talk I can get a haircut at the same time, LOL, it's the only place I'm captive and can't escape.

I'm slowly plugging along, purposely slow though, on a new afghan for hubby's couch. Don't need another one, but the colors of the yarn totally match the living room so why not, right?
Here's a pic of it in it's piled up chair, haha

I finally found (in the garage) my screen enclosure that goes over the patio umbrella so I can sit inside a nice little screened house on my deck. I had last Friday off so leisurely sat out there ALL GLORIOUS DAY, just me and doggy and the sounds of the birds and wind in the trees and crocheted and knitted, flipping between different projects all day. Awesomely relaxing. Almost finished a summer poncho using the Q-hook and LB Incredible. Love the colors of that stuff.

later dudettes

Thursday, June 23

even the wildlife are obsessed

LOL, even the wildlife are obsessed in my yard

Wow, hot hot here, 32 deg C above and muggy as hell.

darn, work calls,...back later

Sunday, June 19

Baby robin update

Well I guess the robin eggs hatched a bit ago. I peeked under the deck on Saturday morning and this is what I saw.
Cute little buggers hey! I think there were 4, maybe 5 little birdies.

I cannot believe the timing of their being ready to come out of the nest and learn to fly. I came out on the deck with my cup of coffee and saw something flapping in the tree - omg, it was a baby on its first flight!! Looooooook

A few minutes later I could hear one running and hopping underneath the deck and sure enough he was learning to fly too. It was amazing timing to watch mother nature in action. Was cute as hell to watch, and also watch the momma robin keeping an eye on them and bringing worms for brekkie.

Later on we looked and there was only one left in the nest.
She found her bravery eventually cause the little nest is empty now.

What a show - and what a day!!

Friday, June 17

silly robin, but probably quite clever

Picture this, we live on 2 acres with tons of trees, and a silly robin decides to build her nest UNDER the deck!! The deck is probably about 6 feet above the ground. Brian thought it was a goofy brained robin but I think she might actually be quite cunning, cause there seems to be quite a lot of crows this year, and I think she decided under the deck the crows would NEVER find her nest. Pretty smart. Anyways, doggy has been sniffing around the top of the deck where the nest is so I thought the eggs probably hatched, and sure enough, I peeked under the deck and there was a bunch of little yellow beaks pointed up in the air. I'll try and take a quick digital pic of them, but want to do it with the flash off so I don't scare the crap out of the little buggers. Going to have to be verrrrry careful before mowing the lawn around that area. I'm so proud of the doggy for being gentle around where the nest is - too cool!!

Tuesday, June 14

I saw another needle

oh boy I don't know where the time's been going. I'm so behind in a lot
of my blog reading. Still waiting for some nice weather to kick in here too. The
few times on weekends when I've been able to sit on the deck and have my morning
coffee and crochet for hours on end have been AWESOME though. Relaxing and
bigtime rejuvenation. Just happens to be one of my doggy's favorite pastimes too, LOL. He seems to be highly amused watching a fly and trying to catch it
which amuses me to no end, ahhhh quality mom and dog time, haha. What a sweetie he is.


I took on a new challenge last week, re-learning how to knit! A student at work volunteered to show me as a favour after I pointed out a ton of crochet patterns for her, so I thought I'd take her up on it rather than trying to figure it out from a book.
It was pretty wonky looking at first and felt so awkward by I got the hang of it. I could never do "purl" stitch when I was a kid so that was like a 'brain-lock' that I just wanted to get over.
And I got it, the coolest thing was making a dishcloth just like the kind my mom makes! Mom always knit but never crocheted.
Anyways, I know it won't take over my love of crocheting, but it's nice to know I could try out different patterns or things to make and take my choice of knit or crochet.

Here's a picture of the first dishcloth and the second one I made. Sure can see how my tension has gotten better already.

and (2) knit-dishcloth2

Not bad huh?

I've also got several crochet projects on the go of course. I'll do another
post in a bit on that. Trying to do some catchup, keep smiles on. :)