Friday, July 27

Ravelry and ...

I've been so addicted to Ravelry and slowwwwwly getting a few things there that I just realized I haven't posted to my blog!! I think the best thing about ravelry that I love is being able to see, in ONE place and without hours of searching or trying to remember which blog you saw which project on, is being able to see dozens of the pattern the way other knitters or crocheters have FO'd it. It's great for ideas on alternate yarns to use for a project, as so many patterns have yarns that I can't find or have access to on my planet. The ravelry folks are doing awesome on the setup of it. I'm a fan for sure.

I've managed to keep up watching BB8, sometimes read the spoiler news and sometimes just wait til the show. It amazes me how immature these twits are though.

In only 3 weekends I managed to finish a knitting project I figured would take me a longggg time. I'm starting to stash presents away for Xmas, though sometimes I'm not sure if some of the recipients want to receive ANOTHER thing made by me. Always second guessing that.
So, here's a pic of the finished Liesel scarf.


I used 3 skeins of Schachenmayr "Donna" and my Denise 5.00mm needles. I found the pattern extremely easy to follow and knit quite fast. Usually making a scarf can bore the crap outta you but each row(10 rows) is different so it's a pattern that involves you in its creation. I'll definitely make another one. The pattern is on the net, just google Liesel.

One week to go and I'm on vaykay for 2 weeks, yay!!

Sunday, July 15

BB8 link

That's a good BB8 link - CONTAINS SPOILERS. The person is totally dedicated to updating it hourly. yeesh

Gazebo is a FO


Take THAT you mosquito bastards!! The screening is on the gazebo and 'ze blood shall be sucked no more'. :) I believe many hours will be spent in here during my holidays. B is starting on getting it filled with empty beer bottles too, haha. What an awesome job he did, designing it on the computer in Autocad from beginning to building it all by himself, even putting the rafters and roof on by himself.

2 socks done! and sleepmask

Whee, my spa socks are done.

spa socks-FO

I started the second one IMMEDIATELY when I finished the first. I think that's the only way I'll not get the dreaded SSS. There's mistakes in it I know, but at least I was able to duplicate the mistakes in the second one so they both match and both fit me too.

I made a little sleepmask to match it too. Much needed for those weekend naptimes :)


I am so TOTALLY loving the Ravelry thing too!!

Tuesday, July 10

Another doggy sweater - I love the way the color mix turned out. I just used up some part-skeins on the whole thing.

multi color doggy sweater 02

YAY - I got my Ravelry invite today!! I see I've got some photo work of my stash to do, which I wanted to do and organize anyways. Ravelry looks FUN, and has some great ideas in it, not just a regurgitation of blog posts. I've been managing to do some blogreading and computer relaxation in the evenings while the husbandperson is watching mindnumbing TV, LOL.

I've started watching the new BigBrother 8 season too. Yeesh these people seem S.O. immature for their ages. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with watching that much TV (3hours a week), haha

Vaykay in 4 weeks, then I'll have time for more knitting and crocheting my half-done afghan. B finished building the screen gazebo so I know where my ass will be plunked all day for 2 weeks of holidays!! wheeeee

Thursday, July 5

First sock (sorta)

I'm so proud of myself for teaching myself to use DPN's on a first project. The pattern is from Knit.1 magazine Spring 2007. Called SPA SOCKS.

I learned how to do the 3-needle bindoff doing these too. Bravely plunged into the pattern, just figuring I'll follow it row by row and watch the heel, then the gusset appear since I couldn't picture a pattern just turning into a sock! I cast on for the 2nd sock immediately too, cause I knew I'd get second-sock-syndrome if I didn't do it right away.

Anyways, it was a success since it actually does look like a sock, and surprise surprise - it even FITS me!!
Oh, the yarn is called "Sorbetto", made in Italy, 90% cotton.

Weather is great summer weather in Winnipeg. Yikes - my g/f lives in Phoenix and it was 46C above yesterday. Insanity.

No shaping knit shrug

A colleague at work gave me some ever so soft LB Homespun yarn in white, so I made this shrug that looks so cute with summer dresses.

As you can see her face seems to be invisible in the picture, LOL. The pattern is a free download from Interweave. It was very easy to make, though it took me some getting used to with the large needles.