Monday, January 31

bawk, bawkbawkkkkk

I know this chicken hat is knit, but OMG, hilarious!!

Sunday, January 30

Mini Ripple makes happy dog

Well, here's a little pic of my first ever ripple blanket.ripple-jersey  I made a
smaller "happy dog" size which will be either for Jersey, my friend's
new doggy or a shelter pup.  Brooke wanted a blankie for Jersey to be comfy
cozy warm with, but maybe she will want different colors.  I'll let her
decide when she sees this one.  (besides that, I think she actually wants
TWO of them, one for baby dog to lie on and one to wrap him in to warm up after
he comes in from romping in the snow).  Brooke LOVES pink but Jersey's a
boy so I don't think he will want a pink blankie, LOL  I started the ripple
blanket yesterday with my morning coffee, and finished it by the end of the
night, after a totally relaxing jammie day, hehe.  I love R&R weekends

I also grabbed a whack of some donated wool this morning and made a kitty bed kittybedwhich Midnight
has so kindly put a free pattern
up on her site.  Thanks MK!!  It turned out really cute, and I can
just visualize one of the shelter kitties bedding down and having a very cozy
all day kitty nap in it.  Again, happy colors with the yellow border in

Of course Pinkie the panther didn't stay in that kittybed very long - Curly felt the major need to rescue him and put him back where HE thought Pinkie should be!! haha

So I'm starting to make another ripple blanket in a larger size now that I know I can actually do the pattern. Going to make it large enough for Curly to cuddle on by the couch so he'll maybe stop stealing mine, LOL This one I'm going to work on in three different colors, green, gray and dusty rose to match the other stuff in the living room.

Havin fun with it, and great peace therapy.!!

Friday, January 28

yay, it's Friday

I am sooooo glad it's Friday, not that the week was long or wretched really, I just was too tired at night to do any crochet, or even sit vertically on the couch after eating supper. I had my peace therapy crochet at lunchtimes, and put the edging on 7 of the squares of the 63 square afghan. It's amazing how classy they look now with the edgings on and I can see how nice the afghan is going to look.

I'm looking forward to quietness and playtime with my doggy of course and crocheting on the weekend. My dog just loves weekends when his mommy doesn't go anywhere. Either I'm getting old or more content, haha but that's a relaxing weekend for me. Finally I will have the time to start the Ripple-Along blanket this weekend so I'm anxious for that. mmmmm, with fresh coffee in hand, does it get any better? LOL The only yech of this weekend, is I have to do my taxes and get them off, but it'll probably only be a 30 minute job anyways. And want to do a bit of updating and graphics stuff on the blog if I have some time too. At least the weather warmed up bigtime today; was raining a bit and warm enough it wasn't freezing rain. Crochetville site seems to be down right now, so maybe I'll get that afghan started even tonite!
more goodies soon....and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 26

Finger candy

Very exciting, I was reading my usual blogs, and opened Jaymie's Little
Crochet Corner
and saw that she had put my button on!!  Coooooool. 
Thanks Jaymie.

Well, I've done it!! I've joined the Ripple-Along
I've never crocheted a ripple anything (but I do like butterscotch ripple - does
that count for anything? LOL)

It's time I made a few snuggle blankies for shelter animals, so I think I'll
be starting with some ripple blankets for fur babies.  The "Hugs
for Homeless Animals
" snuggles project gives great ideas and also has
patterns for blankies too.  Especially in the Winnipeg cold winters here it
warms my heart some to do something for these dogs and cats who don't have
owners to snuggle up to yet.

I'm going to use the Easy
Ripple Pattern
which appears quick and easy and great for charity
projects.  It will make a good project for picking up anytime and anywhere
in the house.

I've also gotten the guts to start up my first felted project!!!! and
finished it last night.  It was fast and very simple so far, I'll be
felting it on the weekend and taking before and after pictures.  The
anticipation of it..... :)  I made a large tote bag, using Marlo's pattern, except I changed the handles to be shoulder handles. 
Depending on the size it felts to will decide what I'll use it for.  I
think it will be nice for carrying my "on the go" WIP's.

Check out this yummy little stash enhancement gift to me from me.  Nummy
nummy finger candy for me.


That's it for now.., and always, thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 22

Monday is purple day

I'm following with Andrea on Soapbox.
She has deemed Monday as purple day to combat the January blues!!

A Roving we will go....

So there I am,…sitting and working away on Square #58 of the 63-square afghan, and damn if I don’t start to feel that “end of project angst”. Anyone else ever feel that?Even though I’m excited that I’ll soon be on to the next step of it, and certainly have some hours of work on it to make it look like an afghan, I’m still feeling angst. I should be so proud of myself, and I guess I am, for not giving up or getting bored and moving to another WIM. I’m surrounded by 57 little squaresmouse size blankets I’m having thoughts of OMG, what will I do next? Which WIM? What yarn will I use? Where’s the pattern for it? Stupid huh. Maybe it’s cause I think the next WIP will be one of the coveted “felted bags”, and that’s an experiment in itself. I have a bunch of balls of what I THINK is roving, from what I’ve seen what roving looks like on different sites. roving Also have some balls of actual wool but it’s not in the colors I’d really like a bag for me to be made from, so ….we’ll see.

My mom received the lapghan/shawl thingie I made for her this week and loved it. She used to do tons of knitting, had never learned much crochet and is always freaked when she realizes I learned crochet. She kept saying “even though it’s full of holes, it’s warmer than any blanket I have”. That’s the way my grandpa used to describe lace…material full of holes. LOL

Holy crap there’s a lot of snow here. It’s been snowing and slippery driving all fuggin week and was pretty daunting on the spirit. I took a day of vacation on Friday just to rejuvenate myself. backyard1
The back yard looks darn pretty, but only from the warm cozy insides of a house.

So……by square #60, which was a dream to work on, like 56 onwards have been, I’m thinking hey – I might join the Ripple-along at Crochetville!! One of my WIM has been the ripple scarf from the Quick & Easy Knitting & Crocheting premiere issue, and I have a bright pink and black ripple scarf vision in my head. I love bright colors and black. I’ve never worked on a ripple anything (other than butterscotch ripple everything LOL) and think it’s high time I tried that. It will make a good at home or couch workin’ project and that way I can bring the 63 squares, day at a time, in my bag to work for my lunchtime peace therapy crochet session. YAY, decision made…..I’m better now, LOL.

I've updated my 63-square gallery too,'s at the top right of this page.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!

Friday, January 21

Yarn fights

Yarn fight
-- who hasn't had one of these before? LOL.

Monday, January 17

63 square update "Popcorn Hell"

I sat in the smoke filled cavern of the laundry room, stuck in POPCORN HELL (37, 38, 39, 41),....knowing that I would, or could, escape soon. That is what kept me going - it had started last Sunday, Square #37, stared me in the face. It looked like a challenge I was up for, I know it would not be kind to me, but I felt I had the fortitude to face it! With my hook in hand as a weapon, I began, and I was surviving....winning in fact!!

Then came Monday. Armed only with that hook and my yarn and 30 minutes of freedom at lunch break, we found a place of warmth and solitude together. We battled on, together, as the rows continued. Then to my horror, by Tuesday at lunch it seemed the popcorn rows were not even growing at all! By Wednesday I thought I saw the smallest movement of life in it. By Thursday I could tell its spirit was weakening and I knew if I held on that I could do it. My strength grew from the meager portions of a breakfast bar and salad with fat free dressing, which gave me enough stamina to win this fight. THEN I SAW!! I saw that popcorn braid #37 was not ready to give up so easily....for behind it, ready to attack, was #38 Diagonal Popcorn square..and then.....AND if that wasn’t enough to daunt any crocheter, I saw #39 Popcorn Diamond, waiting with a smirk on its evil bobbled face, waiting silently for me. I didn’t and wouldn’t give up. For I knew something they did not, and that was that I had the powerful weapon of a weekend in store!!

For Saturday was just around the corner, and I would be free to battle them with hours at hand. Armed with my coffee, my comfortable polar fleece housecoat, and having my strength renewed with a calorie laden meal, I would win. I could win!! I DID WIN!!

Today I work at a comfortable pace with square #47 in hand.
Pics to follow in my 63 square gallery, hopefully tonite.

Friday, January 14

hmmm, I'm some kinda wool

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, January 12

I am NOT a loser - YAY

Here's the proof Kelly, hahahaaaa.....YOU sent it to me!!

Yick....we have a blizzard on the way this aft and tonite..looks like I may be taking a day of vacation tomorrow and stay at home all day and crochet if it doesn't get better..

Sunday, January 9

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Updated the 63 square-along gallery

Yay, the gallery is updated again, 32 squares and counting....

I've been gifted

Check out this gorgeous cross-stitch picture my Kelly-friend made especially for me!! I love it...have it hanging in the hallway by the bedroom so I see it all the time..heartwarming huh?

Saturday, January 8

My 63 square Crochet-along Gallery

I have my gallery album up now of the 63 square Crochet-along.
I've gotten 28 squares finished now but pics only posted of the first 17 squares I think. I have not crocheted the edges on them yet. One thing I thought would be handy, and oh yah it will be for sure when there's 63 of these puppies sittin in a bag, is that on the piece of yarn that shows the right side of the work, I attached a small card of the Square Number. Just a thought [I have them sometimes :)], it may help some of the rest of you as well.

I'm really enjoying doing these squares, there's only a few squares that were a total pain in the *ss to do.

Enjoy the viewing
in the Gallery... pic

a few pics of small projects

Well over the Xmas break from work I worked on a lot of small projects, little gifts and add-to's. I FINALLY found a pattern I liked for slippers.....will have to hang on to it cause it was on the label of some discontinued wool.
Here's a pair I made for my mom....she used to knit ALL the time, still does a bit, but I thought it would be a treat for her to try out my crocheted ones. She's still surprised at how much crochet I can do.
and some others I made

I also made my mom a matching lap-shawl for her slippers. sssshhhhh, I haven't mailed them to her yet.
I'm working on more squares of the 63 square afghan,...should have the album posted by tonight.

Thursday, January 6 the comments now the comments now,. I had them hidden. Learning by babee steps babee steps...still playing around with the css code as well, would like to put one of my own photos up.
I do a lot of photography in spurts, haven't done much this year at all, but it's always on my mind. I do have a couple of photos up in the university exhibition til sometime this month. I'll scan them at some point and put copies up here. I'm mostly into landscape peaceful type feeling pics the last while.

And hadn't mentioned it yet, my g/f got me BOTH sets of the Seinfeld DVD collection for Xmas and birthday....the coveted collection. Love the humour in that show, can't be beat. And her hubby, [they live in Ottawa], got her an AIRLINE TICKET to come out for a girlie visit in February...counting the days, and I bet she's counting the M&M's that'll be here waiting for her [Costco barrel sized bag is what we'll usually pound back when she's here, mwhahahhaaa]. Woooo...we're starting to plan what we'll do already. First thing after I pick her up at the airport is we're going to go to Michael's and craft shop together, YAY.

I've finished square 21 of the 63 square along will be posted by the weekend, ....

later dudettes :)

Tuesday, January 4

hmm Doings or Do-ings

hmm...hopefully [since it's not really a word] people won't be thinking, "what the heck is a DOING"... LOL maybe I should add that to my things to fix list, haha

Back to work today, holy crap every busy with classes starting for the new term today. Didn't have a moment to even check my email til noon-ish. I did get "gifted" with an 'oh so yummy' box of Laura Secord miniatures chocolates....locked them in my file cabinet to keep MY fingers out of them after 'testing' a few of them first of course, hehe
So needless to say have not got a lot of crocheting done today :( almost finished another block of the 63 square afghan and still have to resize the pics and get them up here as well....soon my pretties, soon...

It's -46 with the windchill here today, YOUCH the pain...yes, you read right minus do we manage to survive that? Amazing how adaptable we really are..with the help of many crocheted scarves and hoods and mitts and gloves and and and.....yay..I must go shopping for more yarn hey?

Sunday, January 2

63 squares a squaring

Well I think I'm making decent progress on the 63 square along....I started two days ago and am now on square #13 (I'm making them in order). I found a couple of them irrrrrritating to do, but it's only a 7inch square to do so I hung in there, LOL. I still have to get pics of them up and posted, so will hopefully do that tomorrow, as on Tuesday the wonderful break off work is over and I'm back in the biz of workin all day and just crocheting at lunch! My my how the world is cruel to us obsessers of wool creation hey? LOL
My dog will sure miss his mommy around the house all day tho...then again he might wave me out the door happily knowing he'll have a whole day of sleep without mommy disturbings....gotta wonder how their little minds work..

back to square 13...good thing it's not being made on a Friday? :S