Wednesday, December 28

Still December

Well I've been enjoying the time off work for the most part. B is painting a few rooms on the inside of the house, nice "bold" colors. So far it's looking great. One bedroom is burgandy, and the living room will be a medium kinda green. Major change from the complete house done in a light gray which was blinding to the eyes and really not relaxing at all. Can't wait to see the living room.

We had a nice quiet Christmas pretty much. My g/f and the kids came over on the 23rd evening and we did prezzies. I had made both Bryce and Brooke an afghan for their rooms and I know they loved them. I got so many awesome foot creams and scrubs and pedicure toys. Tons of Tim Horton's coffee too!! I'm such a Timmy-Ho ho, LOL.

My sister and bro-in-law came over for the feast on Xmas day; we had such a great time, good food. And my other g/f stopped by with her little snowman hat that my Curlydog kept wanting to bite and play with, haha. Here's a funny "action" shot of Curly-Earl trying to get his prezzie open.

Anyways, I'm off on holidays until January 3 so what an awesome break from the driving to and from work every day. Reading and crocheting half the day of course - yay!! I know the time off is going way too fast though, I'll never get everything done I want to.

My Kelly girl friend found the sheepie tape measure and sent it to me in my parcel. We have so much fun with exchanging gifts. Will have some pic updates this week yet too. Enjoy every moment of your day.

Tuesday, December 20

Wooooo, now I'm cookin!!!!


Yay for me - now THAT is my kind of cooking. Crochet gently for hours upon end, do not stir, ready when done! LOL
My dear friend Kellygirl from Ottawa sent this to me with Christmas prezzies and gave me "written instructions" that I didn't have to wait til Xmas to open these ones! How cool is that? She did a trip to New York City awhile back, scouted out Joann's stores there and lookie what I got. My Rainbow Boucle I was coveting from everyone who is in the States (there's no Joanns here and they don't ship to Canada). My thanks to all of you Crochetville and blogger friends who generously offered to get me some and ship it here, I thought that was so kind of you to offer and I'm glad I didn't have to put you to the trouble. Desperate measures though, I would have, haha.

Now for the pattern selection...hmmmmmm, this stuff is sooooo soft. I know what I'll be crocheting with on Christmas break!! Thank you Kelly!! hugs....
p.s. when I opened it Curly thought it was for him and was trying to bite it and steal it from me, LOL

Cutie patootie models

First, the models.. :)
Bryce flap-hat
Aren't they great models? They love the stuff I crochet. Bryce is on school patrol at crosswalks for the first time this winter so I doubled the wool for extra warmth. This should keep him warm in the wind. Brooke was so gracious to model my flap hat. I made this one from the LionBrand PomPom hat but did braids instead of the pompoms. This one looks even decent on me, lol Now I know I have to make her a flap hat, she looks so cute in them.

Wednesday, December 14

another Kellybag


Pic of my new kelly bag from my own made up pattern. I haven't written the pattern up specifically as it's so similar to so many others, such Dawn's "Well Travelled bag" My Lopi Iceland was quite bulky wool, so the bag is mostly from hdc stitches. I did some decreasing as I got closer to the top. Also crocheted a few matching "dots" to add to the design. I made a smaller bag to fit inside it for keys, parking pass etc so I can find them quickly. 9.00 mm hook was used. I was hoping for the height to shrink a bit, but it's also nice this way because things can't fall out of it. I-cord handles made on a SuperKnitter giant spool which works great. A 9' cord felts to 6' so the handles are perfect for this tote. Happy with this success., and was a joy to create.

Tuesday, December 13

Halcyon shawl

I finished my Halcyon shawl a few weeks ago and finally got the pics off the camera. The pattern is from crochetme and can be found here. I loved this pattern. It was the first time I did "short row shaping" and now I understand that. I totally spoiled myself with the pricey Sirdar Yoyo yarn for this project, but had bought it when I finally saw it at a yarn store I was at in the summer and I was on vacation, so the money spent was guilt free!!
Is the patterning in this yarn gorgeous or what!!

Friday, December 9

My Snuggle blankie project

I don't think I've ever posted the article the newspaper had done on my Snuggle Blankies project. I hope it's readable here. I'm still making snuggle blankies, just not steadily every day as I was in the beginning. I lovvvve the thought of knowing I could make a blankie and give a pet awaiting adoption a little big of comfort. I think I'm around 265 blankies now, but my record log is at home and I'm posting this from my office.

Image hosted by

yet again I'm promising myself to get all my pictures of my crochet projects done in the last few weeks uploaded on my blog over the weekend. Seems time and/or energy is always running away from me. I'm spending more time reading all my books on the weekend too just to "peace out", and have to finalize wrapping some out of town gifts this weekend.

Thanks for reading me,...and waiting for "readables".