Tuesday, November 22

Tree Decorating 101

Really cute Tree Decorating 101 page, especially if you've ever known a cat.

Monday, November 21

Thank you Tara

Look at this cutie button Tara made for me!! You must read her blog. She loves coffee too!!

Thank you for the new sheepie for my page.

Tuesday, November 15

got the map thing too

Show me where you are on my happy map!!

Jewels Map

Mother Nature

Well, we had no snow at all yesterday and today we have this.
Yah, looks pretty if you live elsewhere. Bummer.
Living outside of the city, I didn't travel anywhere this morning. Just worked from home checking my email and other computer stuff I could do. Apparently was 30 cm or so of snow. I believe it, it took me awhile shovelling off the deck. Curly dog had a blast bouncing through the snow; was a total joy to watch him. Poor dh, the snowblower had a belt come off or something and conked out halfway thru the driveway but I think enough is done that we can get out of it tomorrow. I think I'll hitch a ride with him to the highway and catch the Selkirk bus into the city. At least tomorrow. k, enough of that

I did also work off and on all day on the felted bag from FCEC. Got 23 rows of the single crochet done..it better turn out good after the foot-and-wrist swift thing, LOL

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

Monday, November 14

She said, He said

She said: "Will you help me wind some wool"

He said: "Sure"

She said: "Right now?"

He said: "No"

She said: "When?"

He said: "In the next lifetime!"

She said: "hmph, *ss*ole, hahaa"

He said: "well, I said I'd help you! I'm a funny guy aren't I"

She said: "um, yeah"

...hours pass


...An invention is born

foot+wrist swift

Not pretty, but it worked better than two days of untangling, LOL
Anybody else use something better than two chairs for a homemade swift?

Wednesday, November 9


Here's another little hat and scarf I did up for a g/f's daughter's birthday. Verrrry girly so she loved it.

Check out my first ever knitted scarf..I worked on this one bits at a time mostly at coffee breaks. I did a few goofs on it but I can live with them, LOL
I used LB Thick & Quick which I got for $4, pattern from yarnband, 10mm knitting needles, 2 skeins used. It's helping with the knitting speed and my tension is pretty decent now.
I don't think I'll ever move too much away from knitting dishclothes or scarves, but we'll see. It's definitely slower. It's nice at least knowing how to knit again so I have more options in texture and stitches of small projects.

I'm still plugging away on my Halcyon shawl out of the Sirdar Yoyo. That stuff is beautiful, but like Deneen says, it catches on any rough skin like crazy.

Sorry I've been so braindead in the writing here for the past bit, probably boring as hell too, but maybe I've dazzled you with pictures and projects instead, hehe.

I am still looking for the new BHG Simply Creative Crochet..it's so frustrating sometimes trying to find a magazine I want. I wish they'd stick to their release dates. Wish me luck....I'll leave no hook unturned. :)

Pics can speak for me, LOL

Hi everyone,...I'm still catching up on all my blogreading and am pathetically behind on Crochetville though. Didn't help that I had troubleshooting to do at home on the computers and network and cords...finally figured out that the plug on the network cord was screwed. Wierd though because it did work on one laptop but not the others so it took awhile to troubleshoot that. Frustrating as hell.

Anyways, I have more pics to still upload from my camera, but these projects are some of my past few weeks of crochet.

This hat is from the FCEC mag - I used Paton's Divine instead of the "Solo" and it worked okay. I still have to play with the fit of it a bit, or maybe I just look like a dork in any kind of earflap type hat? The scarf is from the Interweave Crochet mag, very easy and quick.


A few little "Helene" hats from yarncat's site. Thanks for sharing your patterns with us Catherine.

Now I just realized that I may have posted these before. Slap me with a piece of yarn (silk please, LOL) if I have...