Wednesday, November 8

Update on lining link

The lining link for the easy peasy lining insertion for Fat Bottom Bag is here on Kelly's blog.

Fat Bottom uhm,...Bag

I finished up my Fat Bottom bag from the Happy Hooker Debbie Stoller book. Was good to start and finish up a crochet project that I liked, and for me too!

and the lining...I used Kelly's method of sewing in the lining after row 52 - SO easy, and a great tutorial by her. Thanks Kelly. (sorry, the link is downstairs)


It works PERFECT as a crochet bag since I can stick my arm through the loop and walk and crochet at the same time.

I used a 5mm hook and a "recycled earth-friendly yarn" called Eco-fil (from Filature B&G Spinning Mill" that I found at Walmart. It's 75% cotton 25% acrylic, nice to work with.
For the stripe I used "ZenShades" Bernat Cool Crochet yarn that I also found at Walmart. Anyone else tried this? It's quite fine and lightweight and very shiny. I used the color on row 14, 28 and 41 for a little striping addition.
Now, you'll get a laugh (or try it) what I did for the handle. I was ready for the handle addition on a Sunday and refused to go to a store that day to find handles, so I made my own. I used some think industrial coated wire that hubby had, cut to length, wired and electrical-taped it together and crocheted over it for the handle. None of the tape is visible or the wire either, just single crocheted all the way around the wire. Inventive, yes and too damn lazy to drive to any store on a weekend and I wanted to finish it that day so hey - it worked!! If and/or when I make another one I'll take pics of the handle making if anyone is interested. Just let me know.

Friday, November 3

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