Tuesday, June 19

mini vacay

Well I'm on my 4th day (and last) of my 4 day mini-vacation. Just took a few days of my vacation to wind down.

I finished my Calculus class too, 6 weeks, so verrrry fast learning and I did hours of homework every day, but I LEARNED IT!!!! I'm very happy with that and proved to myself that I could do all the work and understand it all. I plan on keeping it up too and practicing a lot of it over the summer yet more.

Hubby built a screened in gazebo for us!! That will make summer so much more enjoyable, without the mosquitos driving us crazy. It turned out so good too. He has now finished the roof off and the cedar siding and just has to build the screen windows (the most important part) LOL.
Have a look-see

gazebo-roof+siding 02-web

Here's the view from inside it. He's tested that the wireless network works out there too, so it'll be his summer office some days too.

gazebo view

Looks like a huge picture doesn't it?

I've been knitting of course too. Finished a few more doggy sweaters, and made a shrug for someone at work. She's tiny so it'll look so good...pics later of that.

blue+more blue-doggy sweater -start

and finished

blue+more blue - finished

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, the big news of the day
I found out my crochet pattern and knitting pattern I submitted to the Crochet-pattern-a-day calendar and the Knitting-pattern-a-day calendar were BOTH!!, yes BOTH accepted, so they'll be in the 2008 calendars. I'm so excited. I'll have to put the pics and patterns up here on my blog too yet.

That's it for now....happy summer days!

Friday, June 1

the new online - scrapblog

I tried to post this directly into my blog here, but had trouble so instead, saved it as a flickr set.
Curly's scrapblog

I think I found this link in the craftzine blog..an online scrapbook blog. The tools are done extremely well, and very easy to do. Great for putting a few pics on the net without totally boring people with pictures.

Oh, and it's at www.scrapblog.com