Friday, November 23

LOL dog - the funniest

OMG, too funny

Wednesday, November 14

thank you

Thanks everyone for your comments on my recent posting...

Great idea Andrea, on doubling up the scarves. I was thinking of wearing this one with the hot pink cashmerino cowl I made. Now I'm thinking I'll have to make another scarf in the Debbie Bliss dark turquoise I bought on sale..I'll take a pic with the three colors together on the weekend (only available daylight hours) so I can use skylight instead of flash and you can tell me what you think of the tri color mix.

Thanks Deneen...I'm thinking my third pair will be for me so I can try wearing them and feel that home-knitted sock feeling I hear so much about.

Jenna - hehe, you won't rest until I admit I'm addicted to making socks like you, LOL. I'm for sure addicted to all the beautiful sock yarns, and am rather liking that I seem to be able to sit down for a few minute break, knit a few rows of the sock and keep knitting sporadically on them as well as on my Saturday morning wakeup time.

Dawn, thanks again for getting me sock-started without fear with your pattern.

Thanks for commenting Kelly, I know that little girl is going to love her new cupcake purse.

and Brenda..your sock creations have inspired me for my blogreading career!! And you're right, I'm thinking of all kinds of people, friends, relatives I want to knit socks for gifts now. :)

playing with code

updated...Just checking from home computer - I can see the commenting again from here..let me know if something looks wierd at your end k?

I was playin around with my css coding, screwed up the commenting.
Bear with me...I'll get it back :S

of course, a scarf

I fell in love with the color of this yarn, it is so vibrant, shiny and striking. Debbie Bliss, Merino D in a dark mustard color.


I poured through my Scarf Style book, which I bought quite awhile ago and still had not used. I rather liked the simple blend of stitches, yet enough changes so it's not boring to knit. Like I needed another scarf :S The thing is with Winnipeg, once winter arrives, fancy scarves get put away and you have to wear a hat and bundle up with a huge wrapscarf.

Two beautiful socks

Well I finished my second sock on the weekend, and I'm pleased that it turned out matching but without the gussetpickup flaws in the first one. I watched a video or two on and also looked at pics and read about pickup hints on a few sites and pulled it off without a hitch. I'm so pleased with them.

socks-first finished

I even cast right on for a new pair, same pattern. I treated myself to a pair of bamboo needles to test them out and see how I liked them. They're 6" long which is WONDERFUL for DPN knitting. They're also definitely less slippy than the other alum/steel ones I used for the first pair. The second pair, I bought a skein of REGIA Crazy Color that was on sale for $3.25 so that's a good price for a pair of socks, yes? So, perhaps I'm a new sock knitter, no committments on that yet, LOL