Thursday, July 28

random thoughts

I think a lot of people at Crochetville totally enjoyed the giving and receiving of all kinds of gifts during Christmas in July. It was a lot of fun reading the posts and squeaking in delight when I saw some of things I had sent out arrived. Personally that is just as exciting for me, and when I found myself having a bad day at work, and an empty mailbox and then being pouty, haha, I combatted that stupid feeling by sending out a gift the next day. Works for me.
I think Deneen did a totally awesome job on the organization of Christmas in July and can take some well deserved credit for its success. Thanks Deneen!!
Guess what? I challenged myself to a total RANDOM kindness act, I made a pretty thread bookmark and gave it to a complete stranger who I saw was reading a book at lunchtime outside on a bench. Brave eh? It's cool, cause I still see this woman at her breaks, always reading by herself, and it gives me a smile when I see my little bookmark poking out of her pages.
Five more work days til I have two solid weeks of vacation!!!! I can't wait and I am so looking forward to a rest with few obligations and committments other than crochet, my dog and just a relaxing enjoyment of life and "holding down the deck", LOL
I have some crocheted things I worked on on the weekend and have pics but having trouble with my graphics program to re-size them. Have to re-install that this weekend.
Keep smilin til I spill some more words!! and thanks for being here.

Wednesday, July 27


I like this quiz...and the makeup actually.
You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

How Weird Are You?

Wednesday, July 20

Gale force storm

Yikes, we had such a storm Saturday night...only seen wind and rain and lightning like that once before. I was awoken with the sound of a CRASH and thought something had come thru the window. Well, 2 of our 75foot trees crashed onto the side of the roof and tumbled down into the front yard right by my bedroom window. Two more part trees were broken and on the roof, and another few in the back of the property. HUGE trees, sad to see them go. Of course we didn't see any of this til the next morning. The power was out and all I could see was the front yard was covered by a tree lying down; and this was seen by the flashes of lightning. Scary. Fortunately only fascia and eavestrough and a few shingles are damaged but the eavestrough is bent to crap.
I'll just leave you with some of the pics.

Monday, July 18

funky orange and bright weekend crocheting

I dived into the stash this weekend and crocheted in the RedHearts bright KIDS colors I had gotten awhile ago on clearout at Michaels. Had fun with it; thought the eyeballs are glowing now from the bright colors, haha.
Here's a plastic bag holder I made, mostly following a pattern from wovennspun
I liked the pattern and it was quite fast to do. Thanks for sharing your pattern Kimberly.


a few little Dot's Ditty Bags. These are gifts.


Sunday, July 17

HEADLINE: Dog Saves Bunny

Hero Curly-dog saved the day when Bunny was going to fall down the stairs. Selflessly, Curly-dog rushed to rescue Bunny before other help could arrive. We are happy to report the bunny was saved on the second step, and is living happily and not maimed. Three cheers to Curly!!

Thursday, July 14

It's Christmas in July and I have an elf!!

I am beyond excited today....I opened my mailbox and an elf jumped out and hugged me!!!!!! Thank you for making my day, Xmas today with no snow or blizzards - yay!! I received a Jeffery Archer book - an author I have wanted to read and haven't yet, a beautiful handmade bookmark, a scrumpdeli-icious chocolate bar with almonds-YUM, and a sheepie handmade ornament which I absolutely love, also a special handmade card which has so much time put into the making of it that I am going to make a little hanging ornament of it as well. I feel wonderful today thanks to my special Christmas elf. You've made my day and my July. Oh, and a cute riddle for Chocoholics - how did you know I'm a chocoholic! See that little brown dot above the wrapper? That's what was left of the yummy bar at picture time.
Detective time to reveal my little elf, hehe.

Nest Recycling

OMG, the robin did indeed lay another batch of eggs in the same nest under our deck. I had seen her always flying under there again, then lately flying under always with a worm or few in her beak, and I peeked quietly last night and saw four little baby beaks sticking up in the air waiting for their "worm take-out delivery" to arrive. They're so teeny and cute, I'll attempt getting another picture of the new ones this weekend.

I've been real busy crocheting blankies again for the animal shelter - I think I have close to another 10 to deliver. Haven't taken photos yet, but they're made for animal's comfort more than beauty, and made from donated yarn and stash materials. I can just picture kitties and puppies cuddling up on them and it makes me feel good.

Very exciting as most of my RAOK's that I've sent are arriving. The ones in the States are taking almost two weeks to get there so of course I'm continually checking Crochetville RAOKlist thank you board to see when mail arrives. It's an awesome feeling seeing how I can send something out and make someone else's day a great one. Just as exciting as receiving a RAOK, for me anyways.

I'm behind on picture taking. It's been so hot and muggy here it just sucks the energy out of me after a full day's work and getting home, attempting to eat something healthy and then it's like I just crash on the couch and read my bloglines and Crochetville til it's beddybye time. My dog loves that time too, he just lays lengthwise along my body on the top of me (hence making sure I don't go anywhere), and falls asleep. It's really cute, and relaxes me a lot too.

Hmm, what else.....I notice things. On my way coming to work I see a ditzy blonde driving her little convertible, with the roof down when it's raining. Ummmm, yah, ditzy. Then I see she's got not one, but a few air fresheners hanging from her mirror. Ummm, yah, ditzy - the fresh air from your convertible roof being down isn't fresh enough? hahahaa...struck me as funny. Sometimes I have too much time to think..but it was a Seinfeld kinda moment.

Monday, July 4

Owls & robins update

I'm so excited,...I think the mama robin has laid some more eggs in her nest. I think I remember hearing that robins have two batches of babies in the summer? She has started staying under the deck again lots and only seems to fly out when we go outside and the doggy "thunders" across the deck and steps. I don't want to risk anything by trying to peek under and in the nest to see if there are more eggs...robins have privacy acts too I think don't they?

I heard at least two of the owls in the early mornings on the weekend but they were in the trees at the other side of the property and I didn't want to donate two quarts of blood to the mosquitos attempting to find them and take pictures. Darn,...I'm sure the babies grew a lot over the last week or so and don't look baby-owlish anymore. I love having the bird sounds and different birds around the yard. I haven't been putting out the bluejays peanuts around the deck either like I usually do...again - the robin's privacy is at Defcon 2 til the next batch of babies flies.

The yellow finches bring a smile to my face every time I hear them. I buy that special niger seed, it's like candy to the little buggers (or cheesecake to me :) - they better love it like I think they do, it's damn expensive stuff. I have to get some summer close-up pics of them too, they're so tiny, and the brightest "canary" yellow.

Here's something yarn related since I'm yapping about the birds around here today - when I'm crocheting outside I always take the end snippets of yarn and just scatter them into the wind - I've seen robins and other little winged birds take them and use them for their nest!! That's so cool to see.

Well I'm starving and the pizza is cooled off enough to yum down my gullet.

Smiles to everyone...
crochet weekend update will come soon

Spinning yarn better than being spun out

oh, I kill me with the title...LOL

Lookie what I got treated to at our Canada Day Celebration - spinnnnnnning on a drop-spindle!! This lady was very practiced at it and made it look so easy...I must get out my supplies that Rebecca so kindly RAOK'd me with and yes,....I'll admit, I've been chicken to try still. What a dolt I am hey?

Spindle demonstration

and another lady was on the spinning wheel

Spinning on wheel demonstration

It was great how everyone was dressed in period costume for it too.