Thursday, March 30

Dropdown Menu

Cool....figured out the Dropdown Menu javascript code. Between Andrea & Deneen and Dynamic Drive's script site it all came together. Thanks A & D!!

So my Bloglines blogroll shows differently now and leaves lots of room for other goodies.

Wednesday, March 29

sigh,....finally all fixed (I think)

Finally got everything re-fixed on my blog. I could kick myself for breaking it, but it appears to be working again, along with my haloscan comments as well. I really must check out some java code to hide all the links underneath like Andrea has done. Another rainy day project, but hey - it's much better than snowstorm projects!!

Tuesday, March 28

testing a post here

wahhhh, somehow I must have broken my blog yesterday. I did a post and then NOTHING at all was showing, from any computer.
I think it's fixed now, though I re-published that post and it's still not showing up. Will try this one.

Going for a Stitch 'n' Bitch trip at lunchtime to a great wool shop here that's closing up shop. The lady is retiring, so I was glad that it wasn't that Michael's had driven her out of business at least. That would be sad. This is the store that I had bought my Sirdar YoYo at before.

Also finished my first "cottage sock" - it turned out great. Pics later in the week.

ack, no title

geez, braindead on a title even, haha.
What a beautiful relaxing weekend with some spring weather, snow melting and awesome sunshine!! I sat outside on the deck with my coffee and gave my dog a good brushing, again,....and again. He's losing his winter undercoat so there is so much hair shaking off him and sticking to everything. He really likes the way the brushing feels though and enjoys the grooming.
I crocheted a pair of "Totally Tubular" socks from the recent edition of quick & easy Crochet mag. Mostly front-post and back-post so it wasn't the fastest moving project, but they'll make a great pair of socks to wear in the house as slippers. No pic yet, but will as soon as I finish them up.
Also started re-making the Ladylike Lace fingerless gloves from the new Stitch 'n' bitch Crochet mag. The first ones, shown here before seaming, handwarmer-fromSnBCrochet, are better for wearing in the winter over some of those cheapie stretch gloves. I have pretty small hands, so this yarn was a bit big. I bought some gorgeous Regia cotton/wool mix sock yarn for the ones I'm making now and they'll fit good...almost like a glove, baddddddddd pun there hey.
That's about it on the crochet and knitting front, I never seem to have enough time during the week to do more and I miss it and crave to do more.
I also made up and sent a pattern in for the crochet a day calendar, but :( haven't heard a word from them yet, so maybe it's a bust.

Thursday, March 16

Office chair used for a Swift

What a great idea. Check out Peaceful Creations blogpost on using an office chair turned upside down for a swift. I'll have to try this out. Looks good in theory, and looks much better than a $75 hit for a swift!!

Hookin away

Yay, finally was able to pick up the new StitchnBitch crochet book. I'm very happy with all the different patterns in it.
I started making the lacylady fingerless gloves last night. I have a few skeins of Emu superwash wool that I had picked up at Ram Wools quite awhile ago, and think it's perfect for using in this pattern since it calls for some sock yarn. This is DK, and so far so good.

Here's a pic of my other felted hobo bag, this one I made for me.
Before: Lopi-hobo-bag and After: lopi-after
The colors are gorgeous.

VERSION 2, made for me
Yarn: Alafoss Lopi 100g per skein/109 yards
Hook: 6.5mm

Bag part 23” wide (17” after)
Bag part to handle 21” high (17” after)
Handle/strap part 23” long (23” after)

Alas, the yarn I used on the top part of black ended up being Superwash so no felting of it. I think I’ll be able to fix this part by crocheting over it with some Patons Classic wool.
The bag is gorgeous and stays on my shoulder and I can fit little or lots in it, and the contents stay put. Perfect for throwing in the essentials, even a book or two.

The temps dropped in Winnipeg this week but the sunshine and blue skies are making up for it. It's absolutely beautiful in the morning when there's no wind and it's so bright out, just lifts the spirit to start the day!! Hope everyone's day is going great, and a special hi and get better soon Deneen!

Friday, March 10

Good things about my birthday

Good things about my birthday

- A dozen roses were waiting for me when I got home!birthday-roses
- Yarnie gifts
- Snuggles from my dog :)
- Fave cake (the butterscotch/peanut butter stuff with mini marshmallows)
- G/f only had candles that were a 3 and a 6 so we inverted the 6 and I got to pretend I was 39 again, LOL
- I thought I was going to be 48, and realized later in the night that it was 47!! Woohoo
- phone calls from my family and friends

I had a great day, that's all that counts!! Thanks for your wishes her in your comments too.

Friday, March 3

Felted hobo bag

Finally, I'm posting some pics/specs of the hobo bag I made. I must say, the Paton's Class Wool is NO FAILING and p.e.r.f.e.c.t for felting. It felts so tightly there is zero stitch definition and the fabric is awesome for a bag. This one was exciting as a lady ordered it special made and paid me a nice amount to make it for her too. She absolutely loved it as I did.

Here it is before felting:

and after:


Pattern: LIONBRAND Crochet hobo Bag ( and search in ‘purses’ and ‘kitchen cotton’ for pattern link)
The pattern calls for kitchen cotton.

VERSION 1, commissioned for and SOLD
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool approx 2 sk black, ½ sk gray, ½ sk light gray, ½ sk blueberry
Hook: 5.5 mm

Bag part 20” wide (12” after)
Bag part to handle 19” high (11” after)
Handle part 33” long (26” after)

This yarn felted like a DREAM!! And very quickly too, 1 wash did it.

I have another one I made out of Alafoss Lopi, but I haven't taken the "after" pic of yet, doh.

I managed to scoop up a few more skeins of this at Lewiscraft at lunch today - everything there, including yarn is 30% off.

Thursday, March 2

A little scarf I quickly made up for a friend's daughter's birthday. It's so soft.
Yarn: Moda Dea Tutu
Hook: 6.5mm
Just did a Chain 10 and dc throughout for small neck scarf


Allow me to introduce you to the Purple Sheep

Isn't she cute? Miss Purple Sheepie. My stitch 'n bitch friend Sally gave me the cutest little sheepie notepad - I love it. I may look a bit like that after I drink the bottle of Merlot wine she also gave me, :)


Wednesday, March 1

A few things I've been doing

Here's a few of the things I've been working on. Mostly on weekends which is my big crochet therapy time. I'd sure get a lot more done during the week if I wasn't so bagged from work, but that's my blog reading time, just zoning out with the laptop and doggy on the couch. Curly's hilarious, when he wants attention, his way of saying "get off the damn computer and play with me", he'll put his head under my right arm and headbutts my arm so the mouse will go flying and I can't compute. Too smart eh.

"Alpaca Angel Crochet Shawl"
Pattern: free pattern shared graciously by Kristin. She has some great stuff on her site, have a looksee.
Hook: 6.5mm
Yarn: Joann Sensations Rainbow Boucle – 1 ball

Pic from the front, modelled by my friend (supervised by Curly)

and from the back

Gorgeous eh? Pattern was very easy to follow, worked great with the rainbow boucle. I haven't put ribbons or fringe of any sort on yet, as usual I can't make up my mind on that, LOL