Friday, September 22

oops, no title

Ah, well it has been awhile for me posting again. I just seem to hit a brain fart every time I sit here to write, and end up getting lost in reading blogs for the night. Now that work is back in full force and going top speed all day, then running errands on the way home, then doing the what's for supper torture, I have the energy of a paperclip. Enough of woes..

I did a happy-stop at Chapters last week before an optometrist appointment and picked up the new Interweave Crochet, it's really good yet again. Some nice jackets in there too, not just skinnyminny clothes. I also got the new KnitIt, and bought the LionBrand "Just Bags" book for myself too for only $17. I saw a Harmony Guide Book on Knitting Stitches which I had never seen before, but couldn't find the price so figured I'd check when I paid for the others. (there is a point to this story...hehe) So, I on my way to the cashier I'm leafing through the book and damn if someone hasn't put check marks in big felt pen on about a dozen of the pages, so I mention to the cashier that it looks like someone bought and returned it and rudely wrote in it too. So...she starts looking in the computer, can't find any price or even the book itself, so after 5 min or so another clerk grabs the book and goes off to find out what the price is. He went to his manager, and holy crap, it's not even their book so the manager says just to GIVE it to me if I want it. Zero price!! How's that for lucky and total honest service from them. I couldn't believe that they would give it to me rather than say, oh how about $10 or $5 or whatever. Small excitement but it was cool. Here's the book:



I had also bought the Scarf Style book in the summer time but haven't made anything out of it yet. The patterns are beautiful and I thought it would make a nice addition to my collection. I'm such a pattern junkie!!


I've been working lately on crocheting a baby blankie for someone at work who ordered it. Mostly working on it at lunchtimes and the weekend. We all know what great mind therapy it is for us.

I have a ton of project pics in my flickr site but will eventually get them uploaded

I'm enjoying the startup of "Survivor" again on tv, and the CSI after it now that the new season started. I watched the first show of SHARK with James Woods after CSI and it's going to be a good show. He's such an intense actor, I love watching him perform. Looks like Thursday will continue to be the night I watch TV.