Monday, February 28

lazy with words but racin' with crochet

holy crap I was a lazzzzzy blogger last week – got pics ready and every time I open blogger up my "writing brain" just locks up. Mind you, was a pressure week and work/deadline pressure is one thing and I can handle that no problem, but when it's pressure just from needless "bitch-biting" from some nag I just tend to back off and go into a quiet/leave me alone space.

Anyways,…I got pics of my little felted bag. Did it with 100% wool, the mauve was 100% virgin wool yet and oh so soft. The other wool is kinda scritchy-scratchy until it's felted. The bag is a perfect little "coffee break" bag, big enough for my book and little stuff, but not so big I'd get mugged carrying it (I hope). Geez, I can't stand the damn bums/drunks/losers who walk downtown. Sorry – sympathy is ZERO with a "get the hell away from me". Ok, vent over,…on to the happy little felted bag.

It was 15x11 before felting



The 100% virgin wool felted the best. All the comments I've had on it have been great!

Had a good crocheting weekend, made a little spearmint colored accessory scarf and a bandana type thing, both from the Knit.1 latest mag. I'll have pics of those this week. Also started a great little granny lapghan for a Christmas present! Woohoo, I'm on the ball with that so far.

Here also is my latest little round ripple – I'm calling it "Bumblebee on Daisy", LOL,…that's what the colors said they wanted to be!!


Totally cute – I'm lovin these for my shelter pet project.

Look at this little (getting bigger) guy in his happily-adopted home!! He was happy to model his blankie made specially for him..but looks rather surprised that the photographer felt it was necessary to disturb and wake him!!


will post more the meantime please SMILE at someone today!! It'll change your outlook and make the world a little happier if only for a moment.

Friday, February 18

Ripple bananas

yep, I have gone ripple nuts I think. Took a much needed February vacation day today, slept in gloriously, and got up and had a ...hmm, 3 or 4 hour quality break with my coffee. Hey..I don't wake up fast - okay?

I finished off not one, but TWO more round ripple blankets, both for donation to the Humane Society. I just smile looking at what I'm calling the watermelon ripple blankie. Now wouldn't this make you do a double-take and love the little dog or cat snuggled up to it and want to adopt it and give it a great loving home?
It thought it looked so cute, and just kind of wanted to make itself once I grabbed the first two colors, well I had to go dig out a dark green for the rind! LOL

The other one was my week's project which I always have going and carry around the house and work on it whatever room I'm in.


and yes, don't be surprised, I'm working on another one as we speak. The colors are hideous if you think of some of the old clothes your mom used to make you wear (I had these wretched purple fortrel pants),...ewhhhh to think of them now. Somehow the colors look so cute in a snuggle blankie though.

Monday, February 14

thanks for my button

this little guy was totally deserving of his own separate posts

Isn't he the cutest?

Special thanks to Andrea for letting him visit me with tickles and sheep thrills!!

Weekend goodies

Not sure if I've just been lazy or tired or just goin steady on crocheting,
but it's about time I blogged something!  I find when I'm on the laptop
kickin back on the couch I <s>don't</s>can't muster up the oomfth to
sit up and type, but just read the blogs and crochetville posts. 

Anyways, I did get lots of crocheting done on the weekend, I finished off my
beautiful little ripple baby blanket,
using various colors of soft soft baby
yarn.  I used the round ripple pattern, which is a dream to work on.  This is a great pattern to use up leftover yarn from other projects.  I also started and almost finished another of the same one for a shelter animal gift for my snuggle blankie project I continuously work on.

I also made a little girl poncho using Chelle's Easy Lacy Shell Poncho pattern.
It really is an awesome pattern to make; and wonderful if you have a "need a quick gift" present to whip up.

and... I finally finished my purple scarf

which I started just as a work on whenever I have a few minutes thing. I did get kinda bored after awhile with it mostly because I'm sick of winter, and making a scarf just reminded me more of winter, LOL

anyways,....back to work here, but I wanted to post something while I was
vertical, haha.

Monday, February 7

Ok....I found out it IS roving

Yayyyy....I found out I am the proud owner of some roving. OMG, now I must get a spinner thing of sorts,....
Back some posts ago, I posed the question..with pic
Thanks Rebecca (short for Rebecca with the cool new haircut) for letting me know that it is roving. I also have someone now to blame if I get hooked on a spinning obsession, haha. Well,...don't know what I will do with it, but I am going to be searching around Winnipeg for one of those little drop-spindle things to play with,...who knows what will happen. I think I'm going to have to register on that Wish List at Crochetville too, thinks there's people on there who may enjoy a RAOK of roving, hehe.
Thanks for letting me know Rebecca.

Ripples and sick again sniffles

Well I've had a pretty brain-dead weekend,...most of it spent on the couch and at home sick from work today too.  I crocheted in spurts and took nap breaks, but I did at least finish my second ripple blanket.   Here's a pic of it on Saturday when it was about 2/3 done.  The colors work real well together.  I used RH SS mostly and a dusty rose color I had given to me at Xmas.  So 6 rows of rose, 4 sage, 2 gray and 4 aran..repeated that ripple pattern four times I believe.  It's the perfect size now for Curly....kinda lapghan size, and since it's the ripple pattern I'm calling it "Curly's Curly",  LOL.  I don't think he cares about the name, as long as it's his blankie, haha.


Took pictures of my felted bag which I finished last weekend too.

Here's the before (about 23x14):

and the after (about 16x14). It shrunk mostly widthwise.


So, first felting/fulling project a success.  I'm such a bag collector - it's like every day I grab a different one to drag my lunch, or books, or crochet project along where I'm going.

Anyways, starting, albeit slowly, on a round ripple afghan today..thinking this pattern might make a nice floor doily too actually.  I haven't done much on it yet, but so far it's easy to follow.

Keep smilin...til we meet again.

Thursday, February 3

lame post warning...unless you like it that is

Here's one of those word search puzzles, with a crochet theme

Tuesday, February 1

link to great post on Mathematical Crochet

Lisa Lately's crochet blog has a great post on Mathematical Crochet today.