Friday, May 26


Yes, TGIF for sure. Man I need a rest by the time the weekend comes!!

The weather here is beautiful. Hoping to plant a few things in the garden tomorrow, the seeds I bought for now to start - lettuce, romaine, radishes, yellow beans, dill. Still have to buy the plants yet - tomatoes from the garden, mmmm, I'm craving them already. Also I usually buy the basil and some other herbs in plants and then we're eating fresh herbs from now til September.

The statistics class is total brain exercise, I'm actually keeping up and really understanding all the formulas and how it all works. Rather interesting. I had to edit a paper today for a prof on probability and I understood it all. Great feeling, but it's hard on time consumption for me. I'm enjoying it though.

Check out my stitchmarkers I received from Andrea. I love them - they're all so adorable. I have to borrow hubby's camera and get a better shot though, his camera has a macro setting so I can get a better pic of the piggy one. Wow Andrea, girls are so detailed!
stitchmarkers from Andrea
Thank you so much for sending them!!!!

Curly likes them too...he's sending a smile to you here Andrea. :)
curly-earl love therapy

Tuesday, May 16

one skein for me

Yay, I'm happy I found a copy of the Interweave One Skein book at lunch today at McNally's.
I keep brain flip-flopping on what kind of project I want to work on lately, so have just been working on another snuggle blankie for the animal shelter as well as my longgggg garterstitch scarf/hood thing which is a long term project. I'm hoping this book will give me a couple of smaller things to work on, and hopefully from stash yarn I already have too. I still want to make the sweet pea shawl from the Happy Hooker book, but with studying/homework in my statistics class I figured I should just stick with a few smaller projects.

Nothing much else new for me, I phoned my mom for Mother's day so she was tickled about that.

I'll have to check out the one-skein along page pressure though.

Tuesday, May 9

A Good Yarn

Yay, "A Good Yarn" by Debbie Macomber came out in paperback. I got my copy at Shopper's Drug Mart last week and have it on my shelf for summer holiday reading.

Some crochet

Well it certainly didn't take me as long as I thought it would but I have all the individual pieces together for my little Vogue scarf. Took me forever to find colors that I wanted, in all the same yarn, for it but I found it at Lewiscraft store here when they were closing out. It's made out of "Cotton Sensation" which is really a great quality #3 thread and was wonderful to work with. I used 2.75mm Boye hook....I LOVE my "boyes". &heart
So now I just have to put all the pieces together,...I think I'll get all the pieces lined up in their little rows and bring it to work for coffee breaks and that way I won't get bored silly assembling it.

I also made a couple modified one skein scarves from the Happy Hooker crochet book. Here's one I used some stash sock yarn for.
I also crocheted a couple flowers and used them at each end of the scarf and it fancied it up a little bit. Great pattern.

I want to make the Sweet Pea Shawl from the same book as well. I have some of the Joann's Rainbow Boucle in stash that I'm going to use for it. Wish I had a nice pink for it, but I may use the burgandy line of it, or else the olive/green would look great I think.

I started a spring course at University, Introduction to Statistical Analysis. It's going great so far, but a lot of my crocheting time is being split in two for some homework time. I'll get too stressed if I let myself get behind though. Exercise for the brain keeps the cobwebs away doesn't it?

Tuesday, May 2

SnB Ladylike gloves

Well I finally got some pictures off my camera.
I re-did the ladylike gloves from SnB Crochet book in the proper sock-type yarn. I bought Regia Cotton, which I must say is gorgeous feeling stuff. They turned out great.
I got a thing about fingerless gloves, I keep making different ones, but haven't worn them lots, but I know I'll keep making more.

I started a class at university for spring - Introduction to Statistical Analysis, so getting back into the "study" mode. It's a nice break from the usual day to day routine so as long as I can keep up my concentration levels and doing the homework I'll do okay and be happy with myself.

Don't ya just love spring?? This was my view all morning while I was crocheting and drinking coffee on the weekend.
Lots of yard work, but those hours of peace listening to the birds, wind and trees on the weekends are so beautiful when we can seen this at a glance.

I'm slowly catching up the the bloglines reading, just haven't been writing too much. Hope I haven't bored you away....Curly says keep reading us, LOL