Wednesday, March 30

Geese, bags and positive numbers

Oh man, there is nothing to add perfection into a day than seeing my first flight of geese in the spring!!!!! Woooooooooo, they are a beautiful sight indeed. And temperatures are warming up, snow is melting....good times!

I am delirious with my new felted bag.

Isn't it gorgeous?? I tested a pattern for skamama and she has designed a beautiful felted bag. It's large enough that I can carry my purse and books and whatever else I need. I believe the pattern has been accepted for the next CrochetMe edition so watch for that. She's kindly allowed me to post a picture, knowing all of you will wait with baited breath for the CrochetMe mag with her pattern in it.

a good day here!

Monday, March 28

Lots of crocheting

I'm turning into a weekly blogger lately..just never have the umpfh to use any brainpower writing in the evenings..I'm sure as soon as it's nicer out and I hear the geese flying overhead I'll know for sure then that Spring isn't a figment of my imagination, it is actually real. On the bright side, two people at work said they heard geese flying on the weekend!! ?

I have been busily crocheting lots though. I hit my goal on working on doggie/kitty blankies for shelter animals last week, so finished another 10 of those up. I used some preemie blankie patterns d/l off the net.

Beth's Star Afghan – very easy pattern to follow and very enjoyable to work on.



A preemie size ripple – perfect size for shelter animals


I love making ripple afghans.

I made a little wrist bag on the weekend too. It's made of Lily Sugar Babie's cotton with a 5.00 mm hook, and the flower is made of a scrap of shiny yarn. It turned out pretty cute. The pattern was graciously shared by Crochetdiva from Crochetville. It's such a cute little bag, perfect for a casual evening/going out bag where ya don't have to carry every thing that you own (like I usually do, haha)


I've also started the Lionbrand "M" poncho but ran out of yarn so will pick up a skein on the way home tonite, as well as started another cape/poncho off the Lionbrand site which is made out of Homespun that I had in my stash from when it was on sale. It's $8 regular price here in Canada which is too much I think, for stash-adding at least. Those are my WIP's for the week that I'll be working on.

Oh, I made my first mile-a-minute babysize afghan too, I'm adding that to the snuggle project donations. I have to do a count on my snuggle blankie blankets I've made but I think I'm over 250 blankets in the past year!! Isn't that awesome!! Man it feels good knowing there's 250+ animals out there that were made just a tiny bit more comfortable in their kennels while waiting to be adopted. You can read more about the worldwide Snuggles project at


til next time...keep good thoughts!

Saturday, March 19

blogger ate my post :(

Son of a bitch....I finally wrote a post and blogger gorfed it down its throat.... tried to eat it, errored it and erased it but it actually got posted! Lesson learned...will continue to write posts in another software so I can save it and copy/paste here.

Happy sunshiny days people! Every day's a gift.

calling all seasons named "Spring"!!

Sigh,....wanting spring to arrive so badly!! I can't wait til I hear the first sounds of geese flying over my house - I'll be jumping for joy. Just seems my energy level is stuck on "hold" until then..all I want to do is crochet, read, and sleep. LOL, the perfect life description perhaps?

I've been crocheting a lot this week, working madly on a pattern I'm testing for a felted bag. I'll post pics once I get it felted and comments sent to the pattern writer. I must say, she's done a great job writing the pattern, and I hope she likes the colors I chose - I luv 'em.

Other than that, I finished a little afghan for my friend's girl - PINK.
It was such a great little pattern to work up, and I enjoyed it a lot knowing how much she will just be tickled PINK with it.

Also a few dishcloths during lunch hours..I found a color to match my kitchen, made two dishcloths out of it, then 2 round ones with colors mixed with the leftovers. Though when I took the pics, I noticed they're kinda boobie looking - so I'm calling them the nipple dishcloths, LMAO
good grief

hmm,...what else
Oh, I whipped up the little ladybug purse this morning (color changes on this were a pain in the ass though"
Just have to finish making the handles and put them on.

I have some work to do on getting the dates to show up on my blogposts again too :(

Well, back to making my little happy-ghan!! Pics of that when I finish.

Thursday, March 10

Scarves and woolie things

These pics are being posted rather late - they're some Xmas gifts I had made for my g/f's kidlets. Awesome kids and they loved their things that Boa (my nickname by them) made for them.
I love that bright pink, and of course the eyelash edging "makes" the scarf!

And here's a great camouflage yarn set - scarf and matching fingerless gloves.

and while we're at it....the summer poncho in PINK of course :)

Gotta keep making all these things for them while they're the age to appreciate them, right?

Miss She's friend - "Miss Sheep"

Look at this little sheepie - isn't she a sweetie?
I saw her on a little pocket notepad and HAD to buy her. Seems I'm becoming addicted to cute little sheepies....hmmm,....wonder why, LOL

Sunday, March 6

Birthday yummms

Check out this yummmmmmy birthday yarn stash of mine....mwhahahha..all mine.


I finally made the trip to Ram Wools. OMG is that a place of heaven or what!! I walked up to the door and the second I peeked in the
window of the door my jaw literally gaped open. Little did I know a sales lady was standing just to the side of the door and saw me do that,
so we were both laughing as I went in. I wandered up and down the aisles, looking, touching, petting everything, and I swear I could have
kept doing that and would find something new each wandering, LOL. I had a grand time. I picked up some of the Emu Superwash yarn that
Andrea had told me about. Yummy stuff. Also a few colors or sock yarn
so I will finally try making a pair of socks. More 100% wool for felting of course (I NEED more bags!! hehe)
Also some Patons Fresco stuff that will make great fringe for summer poncho or shawl. I had a wonderful time there,
it was a great birthday treat for me, sales ladies let me take my time, they're used to "our kind" of people me thinks!!

My friend had some treats in mind for me too. Cheesecake and pizza were only the beginnings. She knows that I absolutely
LOVE Tim Horton's coffee and got me a HUGEilicious can of it so I can have Tim Hortons coffee anytime my little heart desires. YAY.
And......something off my wish list - she drove across the city to find it, but woohoo, found it!


Isn't she beautiful? She's modelling a little cotton accessory scarf I made up last weekend. So far I'm calling her Miss She but
I may have to come up with a name for her.

So all in all I really did have a fun birthday, filled with lots of smiles and laughs and phone calls from friends and family.

I shall try to be better at posting this week, I've been lacking in the writing lately, but have been doing lots of crocheting.