Monday, January 30

The Yarn Win Wish from radio station

SUBTITLED: On Top of Yarn Mountain

Well, here's the haul!! 1340grams of yarn, 40 cakes when rolled

Is that awesome or what? It's going to be so nice making all the new snuggle blankies for the pets awaiting adoption in the shelters here in Winnipeg.

Heather is joining in and stashbusting by making some snuggle blankies for the shelters in her area too!

You can read about the snuggles project at Hugs for Homeless Animals. They have some great patterns and directions to help you out if you want to make a snuggle blankie too!

Friday, January 27


post this in your blog... if you dare;

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 16.
What is your score? Get it here.

Wednesday, January 25

one of me - the FOUR MEME

I've been tagged by Deneen

Four jobs you have held:
1 - Secretary
2 - Receptionist
3 - Office Manager
4 - mostly all the same kind of office/computer/go-pher type jobs.

Four places you have lived:
1 - Nipawin, Saskatchewan
2 - Winnipeg, Manitoba
3 - Ottawa, Ontario
4 - back to Winnipeg

Four vacations you have taken:
1 - Orlando Florida
2 - Niagra Falls, Ontario
3 - Las Vegas, Nevada
4 - Bangor, Maine

Four vehicles you have owned:
1 - Buick Regal
2 - Mercury Topaz
3 - Gremlin
4 - first car was a beater of "unremembered"

This one is easier than the "seven meme" - consider yourself a taggee if you'd like to do it on your blog.

have fun with remembering

Monday, January 23

new book by Stephen King + Update

Stephen King has a new book hitting the stands tomorrow. I have all his books mostly in hardcover so will be picking this up when it comes to Canada, usually takes another week or two. I was in Bangor, Maine in 1988 for a conference and scouted out his house and got a bunch of pics of it. He was just driving out of the driveway as I was leaving so I had the opportunity to meet him. Exciting day for me, a "constant reader". His house and the gargoyle/bat fence made out of iron is so cool.


UPDATE: This book looks scary. I watched an interview on just posted today with Bill Maher and Stephen King.

FCEC bag + shawl

I can finally post these pics. I had made them for my g/f in Ottawa and she just received the package this week. She looks at my blog periodically so had kept them secret for awhile.

FCEC bag Fall/Winter 2005
Made from handspun turquoise wool and Vintage Patons Moorland DK 100% wool
Before: 13"H x 18 1/2"W After: 9"H X 12"W
Base before: 14 1/2"L x 4 1/2"W Base after: 9"L x 4"W

Cell phone bag made from same, from FCEC pattern



The Jewel Shawl

Pattern here

Thursday, January 19

Wish granted for me

I'm so freakin excited right now I'm in tears!! The radio station, HOT103Live just phoned me and said they were granting my wish (they have a WISHLIST where you email a wish and they pick and choose and grant wishes) - my wish was for a sh*tload of yarn to keep making snuggleblankies for the animal shelters!!!!!!!!!! HOW Freakin cool is that?? I just emailed the other day figuring, what the heck, why not - I hear them calling someone every morning as I'm driving to work giving tickets, a guitar, whatever. O.M.G. Anyways the DJ phoned and did a little interviewee thing with me so I'll be on the radio sometime this week I guess too (blush). whooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'll be on the crochet bandwagon fast and furious hoping to hit the 300 blankie mark soon.


Wednesday, January 18

Song Tapper

This site lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its words on the space bar.

Tuesday, January 17

Happy Me

Well, this is a wonderful week at chez me!
A package arrived in the mail for me from the wonderful Deneen. She is so cool, such an upbeat look forward kinda thinking, ALWAYS, even when she has gone through weeks of being so sick. Thank you thank you Deneen for giving me the gift of your friendship and these WOOOOHOOOO prezzies. I love it all.
She sent me her extra copy of the Crochet2006 calendar. I got to leaf thru it all and see all the Crochetville crocheter's designs they submitted and had published. I loved seeing everyone's names in there. I will definitely be ordered one of these next year from the US. No one in the Winnipeg stores stocked any at all. grr.
She also sent me an absolutely stunning bracelet which Jackie from Crochetville makes. What beautiful detailed work she does. I am a bracelet freak, so will be saving this for special occasions.
And, the coveted LionBrand Cottonease which I've never seen before or felt up. Why on earth did they EVER discontinue such a nice yarn. It's 50% cotton 50% acrylic and soooo soft. LB must just not make enough $margin$ on it is the only thing I can think of.
Much appreciated Deneen - all these beautiful things. I'm definitely on a crocheter's high today thanks to you.

Friday, January 13

Outwit outplay outlast

Yayyyyy, the new Survivor 12 season is starting on February 2. You can see the tribe members here and get ready. Wonder when one of these players will show up with a crocheted bikini!

Thursday, January 12

Short update

Well, 2006 has arrived. Had a great New Year's eve at a friend's house in her hot tub and playing Skip Bo. We even brought Curly with us to play with Jersey all night, so that was a riot, since he's usually terrified of car rides. He was "perfect" on this trip, probably cause we were both in the car, not sure. Him and Jersey both had "play hangovers" the next day and didn't really wake up til the next evening - it was so cute to watch.

I've been having angst since work began again on Jan 3 as to what my next projects in knit and crochet...I mean Crochet (first), Knit (second). Will update with details on the weekend now that I've finally decided and the yarn and patterns "spoke" to me, LOL

All the upstairs rooms in our house are being painted, in bolder colors so the house is feeling so much cozier, I'm lovin it. Will love it more when the mess is done though, haha.

Here's a small project I did over the break. I received a gift certificate to Michaels, so this yarn is one of the purchases. Love the color.


That's my few words for now. I seem to be wiped right out after work every day so have been lax on the posting. Bear with me, k?

Happy 2006 everyone

pattern from Premier issue of WSD Easy Knit and Crochet Ideas
#46/page 94 - One Skein Zig Zag Scarf
Yarn: Patons Melody-Magenta color