Wednesday, February 14

still here

OMG, well, it's been forevER since I have blogged. Will give 'er a try again here.

I've been wearing a brace on my wrist since November some time and went for carpal tunnel nerve tests and am still attempting to find out why my arm is in pain and falling asleep when I'm on the computer. The keyboard is okay, but using my hand on the mouse was a killer so since I'm on the computer all day at work had to take the night off, which of course is my blogging and blogreading time. I'm so far behind on blogreading I'll just have to start my bloglines from scratch I think. Anyways, the arm's a bit better, still tingles and feels like it falls asleep sometimes but not painful like before. Nuff about that, and on to the positive!

Thank you Andrea for getting in touch with me and having your brother (squid-boy, hehe) deliver some yarn for puppy snuggles blankies.
puppy-wool from andrea_0011
It was good meeting him and seeing your squid hat in person. What an awesome hat!!

I have still been crocheting and knitting like a madwoman.
recent makings are my Lionbrand Urban Wrap (free pattern on their site) which I made from the Joann's Sensations rainbow boucle. I used about 1 1/2 balls of it, and it turned out gorgeous and perfect for me.


and recently treated myself to a skein of pure 100% baby alpaca yarn. It is lusciously soft. Made a gaiter from the One Skein book. Very easy pattern, I'm lovin cables more and more.
alpaca neck gaiter

Hi to everyone who (had been) and maybe still will read my blog. I've missed so much and will be glad to start catching up on your life again. Hi Deneen!!!!

One of my students at work learned to knit in the summer, and learned to crochet at Christmas too from a CD I gave her, so I talked her into starting a blog to show all her goodies and told her all about the blogging world and great people out there. She would LOVE a comment from you if you want to check out her blog. Go see Jenna

Ok...see y'all soon