Friday, April 21

The perfect crochet room chair

Would this be the perfect crochet chair or what? All your patterns and books could surround you. Now....just make a matching ottoman (yarn storage of course).
Kinda cool looking.


Wednesday, April 19

Funny video with Debbie Stoller & knitters/crocheters

This little video is a kick; kind of like a short MTV thing, I thought it was cute and creative. There's also an interview with Debbie Stoller here. Enjoy. You can also download the file and watch it without the online buffering pauses.

Monday, April 17

Easter or easier

Lame title...

Had a great long weekend, it was wonderful having Friday off work and a free day to do whatever. I went to g/f's little girl's 8th birthday party. What a kick - she had a "spa day" theme, so all the little girls hopped into the hot tub and played and had kicky music playing; then we painted their nails and put decals on them. It was fun being part of a girly day. I even finally did my own nails; which I haven't been doing regularly cause I'm too selfish to give up some crochet time while my nails are drying, haha.

Even got some spring cleaning and my car windows done over the weekend. Read my behind on bloglines again cause I didn't turn my computer on once.

I got two awesome belted birthday I have to photograph yet - it's a gorgeous African mask for my wall. I love it,...thank you K. Another g/f surprised me at work today and dropped in for a visit and brought me this
Thank you lots B, V and M. :)

I made her mom's chihuahua a little fru fru coat awhile ago..chihuahua-coat
Here it is modelled by Pinkie..

I watched the "Walk the Line" movie about Johnny Cash's life...I'm still surprised at myself that I liked it as much as I did, since I have a totally irrational fear/dislike of country type music. They did the music great in the movie though.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 11

Bells and Stones

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Tinkerbell and Wilma Flintstone look alike except for the colors and wings?
tinkerbell vs wilma

Ok,...I should be writing more productively, yes?

Monday, April 10


oh boy, catching up on the backlog.
Last weekend and for a few days after my mom and sister came to visit! I hadn't seen my mom in 4 years (she lives 500 miles away) and my sister was last here two years ago for a few days visit. It was AWESOME to see them and have them here. Mom doesn't travel so well anymore so it was a nice surprise that she could make the trip here...they drove. So the week was busy busy, lots of driving, visiting, back and forth from work to home to my other sister's, get up and do it all over again. I swear it took me all week and the weekend to catch up on rest. I even crocheted my mom's cottage socks and gave them to her and she loved them!! She used to knit socks and sai-washes (sp?) all the time so to impress her with my stuff felt good. I have pics on my digital cam but it's at home.
I made one of the one-skein scarfs for my niece and sent a few presents back with my sister to deliver too. All in all we had a great time.
I've been working on a few snuggle blankies as well, and got one of the Lacy ladylike gloves made and starting the second this week. Sorry for the post without pics, I wasn't on my computer at home at all this weekend, which is so unlike me, but I just figured I was going to totally R&R and relax and read and crochet. Thank goodness it's a long weekend coming up too. oooooh, this seems like a boring post...I'll get back up to speed I promise!!