Friday, March 9

The fbb lining

I certainly did use the lining tutorial done by CrochetKel - omg, it takes all the pain out of doing a bag lining and looks so professional and beautiful when it's a finished bag. Thanks Kel. I know I'll make more of these bags, the pattern is great.

The snow is melting here somewhat today, F.I.N.A.L.L.Y above zero!!

I've been going to physiotherapy the last few weeks finally as well. I hurt my shoulder a few months ago and it just seemed to get worse and I was in pain every time I used or moved my arm (which is 24-7), so talked with my doc about it and turns out I tore one of the muscles in my rotator cuff. I think the physio and all the exercises that go along with it are starting to kick in; having a good day today anyways.

I started the knitting part of a new doggy sweater this morning; finished the last one and just have to sew the seams up on it so should have a pic by next week.

Nothing much else happening, I just wanted to write a bit and freak out Deneen, hahahaaaa

Thursday, March 8

another FBB

Here's another Fat Bottom Bag I made at Christmas for a lady who wanted to buy a pink one that was girly-girly for her niece. It turned out so nice. I used Bernat Satin for it and bought a special lining fabric for it that had all kinds of makeup/lipstick/nailpolish stuff in it which was perfect.


and the lining

Cute hey?

So I was forced to move to the new Blogger this morning when I signed in, far so good.
I'm getting tons of email "anonymous" spam crap in my Haloscan so have to read a bit about how to stop that.

I'm still playing around with learning the new digital camera; it's a Kodak Z-612, has extra zoom on it so I want to experiment with more macro closeup shots.

OMG, I actually experimented with knitting on DPN's on one of the doggy sweaters, the little frill. Also learned how to pick up stitches for that sweater too. The DPN's are easy, just a little more finger aerobics working with them is all. I got some 6.5mm Bamboo DPN's for my birthday, but think I'll exchange them for 5mm so I can learn making hats with them instead of making them flat, cause the sewing up of the seam seems to be a lot harder to make look good with a flat piece of knitting than crochet.

I'll leave you with a pic of my proud to be chewing away on his bone

Have a great day!! It's supposed to be 6 above here tomorrow, so how nice that will be.

knit knit read read

The title about sums it up what I've been doing lately. Just wanna get winter over with and need another long weekend.
I did have/go through/celebrate? another birthday, gah. Actually it was nice, I got some nice SWS wool in denim and other fiber supplies from a friend; my stitch 'n bitch friend made me the cutest little ditty bag; and hubby bought me Jil Eaton's new book, "Top Dog Knits". I love the patterns in this book, it will challenge my knitting skills and I can make more sweaters/covers for the shelter doggies. In the past few weeks I've made 4 little doggy sweaters that are so cute.
I'm loving making this little coats; now I have two doggy knitting books and also researched out a ton of crochet doggy patterns.